Find a hotel near HANNOVER MESSE

At SEW‑EURODRIVE, we want to make sure you are well rested and refreshed when you make your way to the trade fair. With that in mind, you can find tips for some relaxing hotel bookings here.

How do I find a hotel during HANNOVER MESSE?

Rested and restored on your trip to the trade fair
Rested and restored on your trip to the trade fair

During HANNOVER MESSE, it can be difficult to find a hotel with rooms available close by. Hannover Marketing & Tourismus GmbH (HMTG) therefore recommends that all visitors to the trade fair book a hotel room in good time. However, HMTG also has a service desk at the exhibition center. You can find information there about any hotel rooms or even private rooms that become available at short notice. The service desk is located in the information center (IC).

The HTMG online booking portal lists hotels in every price class (1 to 5 stars). There is a separate category for "Messe Selected Hotels." These hotels work together with HANNOVER MESSE and have been distinguished as especially trade fair-friendly by the HMTG. Hotels in the region and in the greater surrounding area are also displayed. Even at longer distances, traveling by car or train is usually still quick.

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