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Are you a keen to make your mark? Have you completed your industrial training and gained additional qualifications – for example, as a foreman, technician, or business administrator? Do you want to achieve even more?

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We place great emphasis on the advancement of skilled specialists
We drive forward skilled specialists who excel at their work
We drive forward skilled specialists who excel at their work

If you are highly committed to your work, our Key Talent Program is exactly right for you. During this two-year program, we drive forward skilled specialists who excel at their work.

Through a structured series of modules, we develop your personal, social, and management skills. Of course, we pay close attention to your individual needs and take your personal objectives seriously. For example, you can attend special events to discuss your experiences with internal and external instructors.

You will be mentored by an experienced employee throughout the entire program. If you remain committed throughout, you will be ideally prepared to take on more complex tasks and additional responsibility.

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Making optimal use of opportunities for further training

I've always been very interested in understanding how electronic open-loop and closed-loop controls work. That's why I decided to start training as an energy electronics technician after I finished secondary school. At the company where I completed my training, I came into contact with SEW-EURODRIVE's products for the first time: frequency inverters for electric drives.

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