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Research technology expert
Wolfgang HammelResearch technology expert

Creating instead of just administrating

While studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart, I developed great interest in control technology tasks with concrete relevance to physical matters. I came into contact with SEW-EURODRIVE's products for the first time during a research project. In the laboratory, we used inverters provided by SEW-EURODRIVE for research purposes. As a result, I was already familiar with the products and knew even before I started working at SEW-EURODRIVE that the job description was an ideal fit for what I had studied.

As a development engineer, I was able to learn a lot from the experiences of my colleagues in the System Concepts group. Our tasks involved basic development of processes for machine control of synchronous and asynchronous motors. We designed the first fully digital current controls for MOVIDRIVE® inverters. For this purpose, we set up extensive simulations and prototype implementations based on existing SEW-EURODRIVE units. Using a load test stand, we thoroughly tested, compared and further optimized the processes implemented. Working directly on concrete problems was particularly inspiring for me. I really enjoyed seeing the control algorithms we designed actually being used in our products and then mass-produced.

I love having in-depth technical discussions with other creative colleagues and looking for solutions to challenging problems.

Research technology expert
Research technology expert
Wolfgang Hammel and his team develop control software
Wolfgang Hammel and his team develop control software

In 2001, I was put in charge of the new System Concepts/Control Technology group. My team and I were responsible for series production of the control modules in the products. We develop all the control software for the new generation of MOVIAXIS® servo inverters. At the same time, my preferences and strengths were still in technical work, and I love having in-depth technical discussions with other creative colleagues and looking for solutions to challenging problems. A technical career path was the right way for me to keep close to technology, which my current role as an expert really enables me to do.

Since 2008, I've been working in an innovation project group within the Technology Research main department. My main focus is on controlling synchronous machines without encoders. The particular challenge is finding a solution that is suitable for mass production and can work in combination with a broad range of motors with different physical properties. We pursue this very topical research subject in close cooperation with a university. I really enjoy the regular exchange of technical information with the faculty. It gives me the opportunity to draw on new ideas from outside of the company and see which of them are suitable for industrial applications. In addition, SEW-EURODRIVE often enables me to participate in expert conferences where I can learn about the latest research results from various universities, which really benefits my daily work.

Other than my direct technical role, my job as an expert is also to apply my experience in past development work to current projects. Particularly in the preliminary development phase, this allows me to have a great influence on the solutions developed. Acting as a point of contact in these matters and working with my colleagues from different development groups to shape our future products is both a fascinating and a challenging task.

"Creating instead of just administrating" has been more than just a slogan for me throughout all my time at SEW-EURODRIVE in a wide variety of roles – it's been a concrete experience.

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