Veronika Schweizer reports

Design technician in Electronics Development
Veronika SchweizerDesign technician in Electronics Development

A wide range of options

Because Physics, Chemistry and Math were always my favorite classes, I did two internships as a drafter. Afterwards, I decided to complete training as a drafter specializing in mechanical and plant engineering.

But I didn't want to end my career there, so after completing my training, I went to night school for further training to gain certification as a technician specializing in mechanical engineering.

I completed my training in a large company. Because of the 2009 financial crisis, no trainees were offered jobs. As a result, I moved to a smaller company where I could complete my technical certification work. I worked during the day and went to a technical school in the evening. I took on that double burden so that I could continue gaining professional experience and earn money to pay for further training. I didn't have the option of working as a technician in the small company so I looked for a new employer. The following criteria were important to me: working in a team and a job in a forward-looking company.

I started one of my hobbies because of SEW-EURODRIVE. In addition to a wide range of training options, the company also offers a variety of leisure activities.

Design technician in Electronics Development
Design technician in Electronics Development
Veronika Schweizer designs mechanical assemblies
Veronika Schweizer designs mechanical assemblies

I became aware of SEW-EURODRIVE while doing research online. The job listing for a design engineer for frequency inverters sounded good to me, so I uploaded my application online right away.

And that's how I ended up here in Electronics Development. At first glance, you might say: What do electronics have to do with design? Well, I'd have to say "a lot." After all, a frequency inverter isn't just made of printed circuit boards. For example, the boards are in a housing; they have to be attached, they need an operating panel and, and, and... You can already see why our department consists of experts from different fields, specifically power electronics engineers, digital electronics engineers, control technicians, drafters and designers. We develop frequency inverters for use in control cabinets.

My job is to design individual mechanical components or assemblies, define board geometries and coordinate with the circuit developers and layout designers. Thanks to our positive, informal atmosphere, we work well as a team.

SEW-EURODRIVE is very interested in giving employees an overview of the company. For that reason, we got to participate in an in-depth orientation program . This program gave us direct insight into our Development department and the structure of the whole company.

Outside of work, I like to read, play piano, dive and spend time with my dog. I started diving because of SEW­-EURODRIVE. In addition to a wide range of training options, the company also offers a variety of leisure activities.

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