Sebastian Schneider reports

AOI process technician in Electronics Production
Sebastian SchneiderAOI process technician in Electronics Production

Making optimal use of opportunities for further training

I've always been very interested in understanding how electronic open-loop and closed-loop controls work. That's why I decided to start training as an energy electronics technician after I finished secondary school. At the company where I completed my training, I came into contact with SEW-EURODRIVE's products for the first time: frequency inverters for electric drives.

In 2000, a large company from the region gave me the chance to enter the world of SMD. At the same time, I started a distance learning program to become a certified technician specializing in electrical engineering.

The regional presence and opportunities for development at SEW-EURODRIVE motivated me to apply there as an SMD line operator in 2002, even before I finished my training as a technician. From 2002 on, I was able to develop from an SMD line operator to an AOI (automatic optical inspection) process technician and become an expert in my field in Electronics Production in Bruchsal.

The open, respectful cooperation with colleagues from a wide variety of departments really motivates me. The phrase "it's the people who make the difference" really does apply here.

AOI process technician in Electronics Production
AOI process technician in Electronics Production
Process engineer Sebastian Schneider and a colleague in Electronics Product
Process engineer Sebastian Schneider and a colleague in Electronics Product

I got to manage AOI systems from the moment they were introduced in Electronics Production and integrate them into the world of SEW-EURODRIVE. I really enjoyed setting up structures and workflows, and establishing AOI systems as an essential element in the series of inspections for electronic products.

My daily work consists of many different components, and this broad range of tasks is just what I love. Samples of the company's new electronic products are produced at the same time as mass assembly in our department. We discuss the challenges of new products with our colleagues in meetings and come up with the most cost-effective version for the company.

The open, respectful cooperation with colleagues from a wide variety of departments, such as Development or other inspection planning departments, really motivates me. I also really like that new technologies are continuously tested and implemented to bring about constant improvements in the production process.

But the company doesn't just invest in technology; it also invests in people. There's a nice guiding concept at SEW-EURODRIVE: It's people who make the difference. In 2011, I qualified for the Key Talent Program. Participating in this two-year advancement program with various modules allowed me to further expand my competencies in communication, moderating, entrepreneurial thinking, presentation and project management. In addition to this special advancement program, I've also benefited from many other opportunities for further training both in technical subjects and in the field of soft skills.

In my free time, I like to exercise a lot. SEW-EURODRIVE also offers a lot of great options in this area. The company is currently participating in the "Bruchsaler Hoffnungslauf" fun run to support social projects in the region. It's a great feeling to be able to run with your colleagues for a good cause.

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