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System software developer in Electronics Development
Michael EppSystem software developer in Electronics Development

Sharing your own ideas

My training as an energy electronics technician and work as a CNC service technician brought me into contact with fascinating systems and control technology very early on. By the end of my degree in Information Technology – with a focus on technical computer science – at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, I was still unaware of SEW-EURODRIVE as a potential employer.

I first became aware of the company at a recruiting fair held at my university. The company didn't have such a spectacular presence at the time, but it was growing at an above-average rate and left a lasting impression on me.

In 2004, I was given the opportunity to work on my thesis at SEW-EURODRIVE after submitting a speculative application. While I was still working on my thesis, a job was advertised, which I applied for and got.

My first job focused on developing testing concepts and creating a built-in-system test system that was suitable for mass production, as well as launching its production for various computer cards in the MOVIAXIS® unit series. Firmware startups for initial sample assemblies of inverter computer cards are still a major part of my work today.

I think it's great that, despite the defined development process, I can introduce my own ideas to implement various solutions in reality.

Over the years, I worked on a number of software components for a variety of frequency inverter projects and enhanced my knowledge of programming. In this process, I always benefited from far-reaching technical discussions with a very open and constructive group of colleagues.

I think that developing a product and managing it for many years is a very exciting, challenging task. In addition to my conventional programming work, I'm increasingly focusing on teamwork and communication. As one of many Scrum Masters, I can participate in the agile development process.

When my daughter was born, taking parental leave was no problem. Despite tight deadlines, SEW-EURODRIVE didn't object. This time together was very good for us when we were starting out as a young family.

Looking back on the past ten years, I can say that I don't regret starting at SEW-EURODRIVE. As someone who chooses to live in Mannheim, I still accept a somewhat longer commute because, in my experience, SEW-EURODRIVE is a reliable employer, even in times of crisis.

I think it's great that, despite the defined development process, I can introduce my own ideas to implement various solutions in reality.

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