Janina Geiger reports

Industrial business administrator for variant configuration
Janina GeigerIndustrial business administrator for variant configuration

Step-by-step development

After I graduated from commercial high school, it was clear to me that I wanted to complete commercial training. Because my mother works here, SEW-EURODRIVE was always very "present" for me. So I successfully applied for a training position as an industrial clerk.

After the training period, which I was able to shorten to two-and-a-half years because of my good grades and hard work, I was offered a job as a commercial/technical clerk in the "Innovation Mechatronics" development department. Among other things, I was responsible for maintaining material masters and bills of material. In 2009, I decided to complete further training as an industrial business administrator. Thanks to the support of my supervisor, SEW-EURODRIVE helped me with the costs.

Thanks to the internal development opportunities, I was able to change roles within the department. I received a very warm welcome from my colleagues and am excited about my professional future with SEW-EURODRIVE!

After I completed my training, of course I wanted to apply my new knowledge. Unfortunately, this wasn't possible in my department because it was being restructured. I applied to an in-house job listing for the secretary's office of the head of the "Electronics Development" main department. After some time, however, I realized that I wasn't getting appropriate commercial and technical tasks there.

Although I had been at the company for less than three years, the in-house opportunities for development that SEW-EURODRIVE offers its employees gave me the chance to move within the Innovation department to ISV (Innovation Services Variant Configuration Technology). This department's activities included encoding all the configurable SEW-EURODRIVE products and generating the corresponding bills of material, taking into account complex sales and assembly processes.

In cooperation with my colleagues and the IT department, I worked on the SAP implementation project for the U.S. We are responsible for tasks such as mapping how U.S. special designs will look in the future. This task offers me a large number of interesting new challenges, in particular the international orientation, in combination with extensive insight into variant configuration and the processes of the Eurodrives.

I received a very warm welcome from my colleagues, felt very comfortable from the start, and am excited about my professional future with SEW-EURODRIVE!

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