Felix Martin reports

Design engineer for industrial gear units
Felix MartinDesign engineer for industrial gear units

It pays to be nearby

While I was earning my degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, several professors recommended SEW-EURODRIVE to me as a very competent, market-leading company in the field of drive technology.

I gained my first professional experience after my degree at a manufacturer of pneumatic valves before I had the interesting opportunity to get involved in the commissioned design of a new product that was just being launched – SEW-EURODRIVE's X gear unit. I immediately liked my area of responsibility: a healthy mix of smaller requests and projects that only took a few hours, and larger requests, orders and projects that could last for days and weeks.

For me personally, it became clear after a few months that I was going to be one of the first points of contact for X gear units in the vertical design, the kind commonly required for agitator and mixer applications, in the future. Calculation and design during the inquiry stage play an important role because each application scenario can require a special design, for example for the bearings, depending on the load data. My tasks extend from complete order processing in terms of design to coordination right on the customer's premises.

The interesting areas of responsibility – from small requests to large-scale projects – flexible working hours, and the proximity to home make SEW-EURODRIVE a very attractive employer.

Design engineer for industrial gear units
Design engineer for industrial gear units
Felix Martin at his workplace in Commissioned Design
Felix Martin at his workplace in Commissioned Design

After over six years at SEW-EURODRIVE, I was put in charge of the Commissioned Design team. My tasks have now changed in that I'm also responsible for coordinating a team of six people. I have to assign orders and inquiries, and keep an eye on deadlines we've committed to. Heading up the team gives me new tasks and a welcome challenge, which I'm happy to face. To help me with my new task, I had the opportunity to attend seminars on technical management and communication, which were included in the extensive range of offerings at the DriveAcademy®.

The working conditions in the recently built offices of the large gear unit plant in Bruchsal could hardly be better: a large, open office with a state-of-the-art design and modern equipment, as well as pleasant kitchen and break areas. The short distances to Assembly or Sales continue to be a major advantage that allows direct communication with the relevant departments.

The interesting areas of responsibility, flexible working hours and the proximity to home make SEW-EURODRIVE a very attractive employer.

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