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Application software development engineer
Dr. Martin LöschApplication software development engineer

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In mid-2012, after studying Computer Science and earning my doctor's degree in Robotics at KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), I was looking for interesting new tasks in the industrial sector. I knew that SEW-EURODRIVE was an innovative company that also conducts practically relevant research on new automation solutions and in subareas of robotics. Because I was very interested in these topics and also wanted to stay near my hometown in the Palatinate region, applying to SEW-EURODRIVE's Application Software expert group was an easy decision. In September, I started as a development engineer.

From the beginning on, I was given smaller development tasks. At the same time, I had training in the control software solutions from our company to give me a stable basis for continuing to work here. My colleagues in the expert group effectively supported me from day one, and were always ready to listen to my questions.

The tasks involved in the actual development work, which takes up most of my time, are diverse and I am constantly faced with new challenges.

In the Technology Research department, I now work on developing systems for controlling automated transport systems such as electrified monorail systems or floor-level production vehicles. Many of our customers come from the automotive sector, but we also use our software in our own production systems. My work is diverse and demanding: In addition to specifying and developing new software functions, I'm also sometimes responsible for training colleagues, as well as discussing new requirements and system functions with customers.

The tasks involved in the actual development work, which takes up most of my time, are diverse and I am constantly faced with new challenges. We develop software at many levels – from the control system that runs on individual vehicles to the client/server solution used for parameterization and diagnostics of entire plants. My focus is on the control level, but, in cooperation with my colleagues, I often have the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with other departmental sections.

What I liked about SEW-EURODRIVE and its corporate culture when I was applying was, and still is, the emphasis on being a family business. Since I started working here, this impression has been confirmed, even in everyday interactions with my colleagues: They have a friendly and helpful attitude and enjoy collaborating on tasks. Everyone works together for a shared goal.

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