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Mechatronics – the optimum drive

Are you a mechatronics engineer looking to help shape the future of automation technology? You can invest your broadly based expert knowledge in developing solutions for smart factories, planning customers' development projects or advising our customers.

Help shape the future of automation technology

For mechatronics technicians, everything revolves around the optimal drive
For mechatronics technicians, everything revolves around the optimal drive
For mechatronics technicians, everything revolves around the optimal drive

For us, everything revolves around creating the optimal drive for our customers. We welcome mechatronics technicians who look at the wider picture and can drive forward our projects. The increasingly interlinked nature of electronics, mechanics and information technologies that comes with digitalization and Industry 4.0 opens up exciting challenges for you in our company's many diverse departments.

Equipment development

As a mechatronics engineer, you will develop standard motors, servomotors, linear technology and compact drives. Besides developing new and demand-driven products, you will also support the implementation of customers' development projects.

You might assist with developing state-of-the-art braking systems – to ensure functional safety or for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. This involves designing complete braking systems (magnetic, thermal, tribological, dynamic, etc.) and programming their controls. In the Calculation & Simulation technology group, you would dimension and evaluate electrical machinery for electromagnetism, thermal properties, insulation and flow.

Are you a sensor technology specialist? Then apply your mechatronics expertise to developing our rotary encoders. These make it possible to accurately determine the position and rotational speed of gear units. Besides developing sensor technology hardware, your expertise is also required for smart maintenance solutions, such as developing condition monitoring systems. This involves designing solutions for constantly tracking the status of systems using sensor technology and measuring systems so as to provide condition-oriented maintenance.

You will even go one step further when it comes to developing applications for predictive maintenance by designing intelligent systems based on condition monitoring and big data analysis to detect malfunctions in machines and production plants before they even occur. We rely on your expertise to (further) develop these kinds of solutions!

Industry 4.0

You can expect to coordinate the development of cyber-physical systems in interdisciplinary teams. One of our aims is to boost productivity in human-technology collaboration. Intelligent products/objects equipped with embedded systems, QR codes and RFID chips control themselves in the smart factory. Standardized interfaces and cutting-edge information technology are designed to enable highly flexible, automated production of even single units on a "plug & play" basis.

Your ideas as a mechatronics technician are also called for in the ongoing development of our mobile assistance systems, e.g. in material logistics, workpiece transportation, mobile workbenches, component delivery, the loading and unloading of machines, and for transporting parts and components both inside and outside the factory.

Or you could drive forward predictive analytics by developing solutions for predictive maintenance that continuously track plant parameters and perform diagnostics so as to predict future system failures based on machine learning.

As a mechatronic engineer, you also have excellent prospects in sales. Here, you would serve as a point of contact for the project planning of new systems, the design of suitable drive products, and matters relating to technical support. Or you might advise our customers on questions relating to the entire product range – from gear units to electronics.

Besides a wide range of tasks and the chance to play a part in shaping the drive technology of tomorrow, we have much more to offer you. Personalized, flexible working models and an in-house daycare center exist to help you strike the optimum work-life balance. And our occupational health management scheme helps you stay fit and healthy. You can explore the full package of benefits that we offer employees under “ Our offer to you”.

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