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Electrical engineering – shaping Industry 4.0

Do you want to tackle complex tasks and help shape the future of Industry 4.0? We can offer you outstanding prospects as an electrical engineer. In development and sales, at our headquarters and throughout Germany.

Efficiency and intelligence

Electrical engineers: Problem solvers wanted
Electrical engineers: Problem solvers wanted
Electrical engineers: Problem solvers wanted

If you're faced with a technical problem, are you unable to rest till you've solved it? Do you want to get into developing the smart factories of the future? If you're an electrical engineer, you have come to the right place. A wide range of challenges in drive technology await you.

From designing concepts right through to constructing and starting up prototypes, we offer you every opportunity to develop your talents as an electrical engineer. In Research & Development, for example, you will have the chance to develop the electronic components for tomorrow's plant automation and ensure that our high-quality hardware for drive and automation technology continues to keep the world moving as we head into the future. And that's by no means all.

Product development

Our products move the world – such as our precise, dynamic and efficient solutions to supply the right drive behind the food and drink, construction, automobile or timber industries. What's your role in all this? You will design assemblies and circuits (e.g. with Cadence Concept) for new products in inverter, control and communications technology. This role involves developing the circuit and signal electronics that capture the control-related signals in regulated drives and systems. Your expertise is also called for in the basic development of future generations of inverters or our state-of-the-art servomotors.

Many opportunities also exist in developing safety technology. Wherever humans and machines work side by side or together, the prescribed speed profiles for drives have to be monitored and deviations detected. You will develop the technology we need to ensure employees' safety in protection zones and smooth plant operation.

Automation solutions

Devise tomorrow's solutions today. As an electrical engineer project team member or leader, you will work as part of an interdisciplinary taskforce on developing predefined or customized solutions in the fields of stationary or mobile materials handling technology or machine automation. This might involve complex transportation tasks with multi-axis control systems in electrified monorail systems for the automotive industry, which rely on WLAN communications, for example. Or efficient, automated storage/retrieval systems in high-bay warehouses to ensure that intralogistics run smoothly. We need your expertise in IEC61131 programming language for implementing control tasks or C++ for programming embedded applications. Whatever the solution that we seek to provide, software and hardware must be perfectly tuned to one another.

Industry 4.0

You will develop automated guided vehicle systems for the factories of the future that can navigate and communicate autonomously. You will design mobile assembly assistants for use in smart factories, such as mobile, intelligent workbenches that supply information and improve ergonomics. As an electrical engineer, you might also find yourself working on autonomous, intelligent and self-organizing logistics assistants for delivering materials to workstations just in time in Industry 4.0.You can expect to develop interfaces for human-machine communications in new production processes – perhaps an Industry 4.0 scenario based on augmented reality to provide employees with crucial information.

There are plenty of openings in sales as well, where engineers compile customized drive solutions and advise our customers and field sales staff. We also offer electrical engineers a range of interesting tasks in product management including product planning, product support and market monitoring.

Besides a wide range of tasks and the chance to play a part in shaping the drive technology of tomorrow, we have much more to offer you. Personalized, flexible working models and an in-house daycare center exist to help you strike the optimum work-life balance. And our occupational health management scheme will help you stay fit and healthy. You can explore our full employee benefits package under " Our offer to you".

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