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Development Engineer for Application Software
Steffen StorckDevelopment Engineer for Application Software

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As a student of electrical engineering with a major in telecommunications engineering, I thought SEW‑EURODRIVE wasn’t interesting because I assumed their field of business was in the gear unit and motor engineering sectors. Through the company’s presence at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, I learned that their area of activity and thus their need for various specialists is much wider than this.

I then applied for an intriguing semester internship position through the career portal and, after an introductory meeting with my future advisor and a personnel officer, I was granted the position.

During the internship, I received excellent support and I was able to get a good picture of the range of activities undertaken by an engineer.. At the end of the semester internship, the company offered me a topic for a bachelor’s thesis, which I gladly accepted.

While I was doing my bachelor’s thesis, it became clear how important it is to receive support from the company. My advisor and my colleagues in the expert group always had time for questions and gave me suggestions and constructive criticism to help me complete my bachelor’s thesis.

The working environment in this family-run company is always excellent, and the work is interesting, variable and fun. I'm happy to be a permanent part of it now.

Development Engineer for Application Software
Development Engineer for Application Software
Steffen Storck appreciates the working climate in a family-run company
Steffen Storck appreciates the working climate in a family-run company

The working environment in this family-run company is always excellent, and the work is interesting, varied and fun. A regular student get-together takes place in the company every Friday – a somewhat extended lunch break that gives you time to share experiences with other students.

In the meantime, SEW‑EURODRIVE has started StudentsWorld. This is a program intended to maintain contact with university students while they are in the lecture-based portions of their studies. I was very happy that SEW‑EURODRIVE wanted to accept me into this program while I was finishing the theoretical semesters of my master’s degree in information technology at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.

In addition to financial support, the program offered technical workshops to help us become more familiar with SEW‑EURODRIVE products. They also offered interesting soft-skills seminars that helped me to round out my degree. Because my degree program focused only on technical aspects, this allowed me to expand my practical knowledge. I learned how to better position myself in interviews, during presentations and within teams to my own benefit. A seminar ends with a networking meeting in which the advisors of the other students and employees from the human resources department take part. This informal dialog allows you to get a good overview of the activities of other technical areas.

After the theoretical semesters, I wrote my master’s thesis in the same expert group where I wrote my bachelor’s thesis. It also wasn’t a problem that I extended my master’s degree to include an additional, theory-based semester. Through conversations about my thoughts and preferences, the human resources department gathered information on my interests and strengths early on and found a suitable position for me within the company. Four weeks before I completed my master’s thesis, I signed a limited-duration employment contract to start my career at SEW‑EURODRIVE.

The company was there throughout my degree, from my internship semester to my master’s thesis, and I’m now happy to be a permanent part of it. I recommend that other students submit a speculative application if a suitable position does not appear in the job listings. My experience has shown that the need for motivated students (and potential future employees) is very great, since SEW‑EURODRIVE is constantly growing and expanding its product portfolio.

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