Mobile systems Innovative and scalable transport and assistance systems

Future automation and digitalization will mean new solutions are required on an ongoing basis in production and logistics processes. MAXOLUTION® offers you a customized automation solution, from the relevant technology to a driverless transport system to meet your specific requirements (AGVS/AGV/AMR). Innovative engineering from our modular technology system delivers reliable, scalable solutions for the sustainable optimization of processes and material flows.

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Wouldn't it be a huge relief in terms of the work and costs involved in your manufacturing operation if you could largely dispense with forklifts? Imagine instead having your materials picked up at the warehouse in crates or on pallets and taken to the production facility by intelligent, fully autonomous vehicles for transporting goods. Technologies that have hardly left the drawing board elsewhere have already become a reality at SEW-EURODRIVE.

Logistics capsules in the form of self-driving, standardized vehicles for transporting goods pave the way for uninterrupted intralogistics supply chains – both within a single plant and from one plant to another. They are also ideal for the last-mile delivery of packages in urban environments.

If cars and trucks are not allowed to stop in front of your house, that's no problem for our intelligent MAXOLUTON® urban logistics assistant. The SEW-EURODRIVE delivery robot, presented with the "Last Mile Delivery Innovation of the Year" awardat Parcel+Post Expo 2022, takes care of last-mile logistics more cost-effectively and sustainably than existing delivery solutions.

Mobile handling assistants with a variety of robot gripper arms are used in smart factory applications to relieve the strain on staff. They can be utilized in production in a variety of ways. For example, handling assistants with magnetic grippers can assume the physically demanding task of reaching into crates, removing unsorted, unmachined parts and blanks, and placing them on a feed belt. After machining, another handling assistant collects the finished parts and gets them ready for the next step in the process.

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