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The benefits for you

Ready to use!
With pre-assembled drive modules that significantly reduce your design effort.

Intelligent, contactless energy supply on the move ensures the entire system can be effectively utilized to its fullest extent.

Our technologies for functional safety, control and navigation ensure that you are always on the safe side.

Our software modules and the interoperable VDA 5050 interface ensure intelligent fleet management.

Automated guided vehicle systems Automation bundles
The perfect solution for your mobile application and for your customized vehicle design

Developed specifically for you to create your mobile systems, the innovative MAXOLUTION® modular technology system offers you a big choice of hardware and software modules for your customized solution.

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Our wide range of drive technology ensures you obtain a drive solution that is the perfect match for your application. With everything from the drives in our MOVI-C® modular automation system to ready-to-use drive modules that significantly reduce your design workload, you are sure to find your ideal solution.

Our ready-to-use drive modules give you the option of utilizing a ready-made solution for your bidirectional or omnidirectional vehicle and thus significantly reducing your design workload, especially for the powertrain. What's more, our modules benefit from a scalable design, which ensures they offer an efficient solution for vehicles with payloads ranging from 100 kg to several tons.

The benefits for you:

  • Innovative: Modular drive modules enable various vehicle concepts to be designed for maximum flexibility.
  • Durable: The use of tried-and-tested drive technology from SEW-EURODRIVE ensures a long service life.
  • Simple: Standardized interface for rapid vehicle design and simple startup.
  • Functional: Approved drive modules come with a functional warranty and automate solutions for mobile systems in logistics and production.
L60 swing axle drive module
L60 swing axle drive module
L80 swing axle drive module
L80 swing axle drive module
Technical data
Drive kinematicsBidirectionalBidirectional
Own weight80 kg100 kg
Load in the entire vehicleup to 750 kgup to 1500 kg
Outer dimensions (L x W x H)865 mm × 465 mm × 220 mm780 mm × 670 mm × 220 mm
Drive wheel diameter200 mm200 mm
Ground clearance> 20 mm> 20 mm
Track width (wheel center point)435 mm640 mm
Drive data
Max. drive power1400 W (700 W per drive)1400 W (700 W per drive)
Max. edge height3 mm3 mm
Permissible ground conditionsDIN 18202 
Power supply
Type of charging systemMOVITRANS® line contactless energy transfer systemMOVITRANS® line contactless energy transfer system
Max. power consumption1100 W1100 W
System voltage DC 360 V
Travel-steering system
SEW image
Dimensions (L × W × H)   
Wheel diameter80 mm100 mm145 mm
Max. load100 kg300 kg500 kg
Max. speed3.0 m/s2.0 m/s1.5 m/s
Max. acceleration   
Max. deceleration   
Drive unitOmnidirectional drive unit (angle of rotation 360°, without mechanical end stop)
  • PROFIsafe
Special features
  • Basic unit has a DC 48 V inverter and safety card
  • Basic unit is identical for every size
ServiceWheel units in various sizes, easily interchangeable, with integrated holding brake

With our tried-and-tested SEW-EURODRIVE drive technology from the MOVI-C® modular automation system, we can offer you the right drive for your mobile system. Together with the appropriate frequency inverter, you will have an ideal solution for your vehicle in this case, too.

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The contactless energy transfer system enables effective capacity utilization of the entire system, without any interruptions for charging. Highly efficient fast-charging storage units with a long life are used in this system. Intelligent energy management optimizes the number of vehicles and also saves on maintenance costs.

Energy transfer and power supply

Contactless energy transfer system

The MOVITRANS® contactless energy transfer system offers you a whole host of possibilities. Regardless of whether you wish to charge on the move or benefit from fast, high-power charging at appropriate transfer points, reliable, wear-free, and maintenance-free energy transfer is always ensured.

Power supply

Energy interface, power interface, and storage bundle plus intelligent power and energy management in a single solution – in both mobile and stationary applications, MOVI-DPS® helps conserve resources, cut costs, and make your system futureproof.

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Control technology makes it possible to carry out challenging tasks with maximum operational reliability.

The control module with a high degree of protection was developed specifically for lateral installation in automated guided vehicle systems (AGVSs).

The control module has a modular design that can vary depending on the intended use:

  • Vibration-resistant and powerful MOVI-C® controller for automated guided vehicle systems
  • High level of reliability in industrial environments, designed with IP54 degree of protection
  • Ensures seamless, effortless coordination of multiple axes and drives
  • Central control of all drive technology in the automated guided vehicle system
  • Quick diagnosis via pictograms
  • Manual control and operation of the vehicle
  • Standardized interfaces for quick and easy integration of the module

Control technology made by SEW-EURODRIVE

Motion control and automation control from a single source – our control technology is based on a shared platform for control cabinet and decentralized controllers with the same functions and an identical variety of interfaces.

The performance class of a MOVI-C® CONTROLLER depends on the number of inverters and the number of synchronous axes and auxiliary axes that are required for the motion and need to be configured. Accordingly, four power classes are available – all with a compact design, so they even fit into small machine control cabinets.

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From inductive track guidance to free contour navigation, we offer you solutions to suit your particular application.

With the sensor module, not only can your vehicle follow an inductive conductor in or on the ground – it can also record position data thanks to the integrated RFID transponder read head. A camera can be connected via a standardized interface for optical track guidance.

Sensor module for navigation along a track:

  • Modular and compact design
  • Track guidance and localization of the automated guided vehicle system
  • Standardized interfaces for quick and easy extension and integration of the module
  • IP54 degree of protection

The navigation module uses laser contour navigation for stable and precise position monitoring and is specifically intended for navigation in industrial environments. The integrated processing unit can evaluate camera systems for 3D object detection.

The navigation module has a modular design that can vary depending on the intended use:

  • Integrated camera evaluation
  • Manual control and operation of the vehicle
  • Standardized interfaces for quick and easy integration of the module
  • IP54 degree of protection

We offer various standardized and country-specific communication technologies to integrate into your automated guided vehicle system

We use the following technologies:

  • WLAN
  • 5G

We offer you functional safety technologies so you can always be on the safe side.

Our MOVISAFE® DFS..B and DCS..B safety cards ensure functional safety in your system. They also carry out extensive motion and position monitoring.

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The high-performance MOVISAFE® Vehicle Kinematics safety controller offers a high degree of protection and is easy to integrate into mobile systems. The certified, ready-made function blocks enable rapid implementation of wide-ranging drive and safety functions up to safety level PL e.

  • Motion and position monitoring
  • Calculation of kinematic models with highest demands on floating point arithmetic
  • Safe logic processing and safe inputs/outputs
  • Programming languages: Structured Text and/or graphic programming
  • Safe communication via PROFINET, PROFIsafe, and SafeEthernet
  • Safe, direct connection of sensors (e.g. laser scanner, PXV, encoder) and actuators (e.g. STO frequency inverter, swivel casters with brakes)
  • Robust and compact IP54 housing
  • Minimal wiring work thanks to a modular wiring board
  • Quick and easy device replacement without a new safety inspection thanks to a design that prevents the device from being connected up incorrectly and a memory card

Discover our modular software system for mobile systems in logistics and production.

Under the umbrella brand MAXOLUTION® connected, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of software solutions for agile, adaptable processes in your smart factory.

Our MOVIKIT® software modules for kinematics, localization, and energy round off our selection.

The MAXOLUTION® connected software solution for automated guided vehicle systems includes:

  • Startup and parameterization software
  • Modular vehicle software
  • An intelligent fleet manager
  • Standardized interfaces to higher-level systems and peripheral systems

Communication takes place via the simple and lightweight MQTT network protocol. The MQTT broker manages and administers all data traffic and makes it easy to connect all participating systems.

The benefits for you

  • Well networked: Interoperable VDA 5050 interface for standardized communication between fleet management and heterogeneous vehicle fleets.
  • Perfectly dovetailed and integrated: Coordinated software modules for quick and seamless integration of the mobile system in your own system.
  • Web-based and platform-independent: Cutting-edge web-based and platform-independent user interface for parameterization and control.
  • Standardized but can still be extended: Numerous core functions with customization options.

The MAXOLUTION® connected fleet manager is the guidance control system for mobile systems that handles transport order management, vehicle planning, and travel order processing.

  • VDA 5050 communication interface
  • Management for accepting and prioritizing transport orders from the higher-level system
  • Vehicle planning for determining the most suitable vehicle
  • Traffic management, taking into account the vehicle dimensions
  • Energy management, providing a reliable and high-performance power supply for the vehicle fleet
  • Routing management for calculating possible path combinations and selecting the optimal route

The MAXOLUTION® connected track designer is a user-friendly application software solution that is used to parameterize travel sections and transfer scenarios:

  • Creation of travel sections manual or automated via CAD import
  • Simple configuration of the directions of travel, speeds, and vehicle orientation
  • Definition of traffic areas to avoid deadlocks and optimize the material flow
  • Positioning and configuration of the transfer stations and charging stations
  • Easy upload to the fleet manager

The MAXOLUTION® connected vehicle software is used to control the mobile systems and complete the travel orders:

  • Suitable for standardized and customized vehicles
  • Compatible with all types of kinematics (unidirectional, bidirectional, and omnidirectional)
  • Connection to various navigation systems
  • Standardized interfaces using VDA 5050 for connection to the guidance control system
  • Interface to standardized and customized load handling devices
  • User-friendly user interface and access via web browser

The VDA 5050 standardized interface is used for communication between automated guided vehicle systems and a central guidance control system.

The VDA 5050 communication interface exchanges status and order data between mobile systems and the guidance control system. The relevant standard was defined in cooperation with the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) and the VDMA Materials Handling and Intralogistics Association. VDA 5050 enables connection, control, and parallel operation of manufacturer-independent vehicles in the same working environment, thereby significantly reducing the amount of integration work required and the level of complexity.

MOVIKIT® Customs software modules are available to connect to your vehicle software for quick and easy startup:

  • Kinematics
    This software module converts vectorial speeds into motor speed and can limit speeds, the steering angle, and acceleration.
    The following vehicle designs are supported:
    • Center differential
    • Single or multiple swivel base
  • Safe Inverse Kinematics
    The function blocks of this MOVIKIT® Customs module are used within SafePLC2 software. They calculate vehicle odometry with defined kinematic models and select predefined safety zones in the safety laser scanners.
  • Track guidance
    This software module is used for the track guidance of a mobile system. A rotational speed is output based on controller parameters, the speed, and the offset of the sensor/vector in relation to the track.