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Predefined function grouping for components, software modules, and function blocks to reduce the amount of engineering, design, and production work required.

Quick, problem-free integration and startup.

All bundles are coordinated with the applications, approved, and type-tested in advance.

Automated guided vehicle systems Modular technology system
Kick-start your own AGVS production operation

Each bundle is based on perfectly coordinated components and modules from the modular technology system. The automation bundles have standardized mechanical and electrical interfaces. Functions can be implemented quickly thanks to predefined software function blocks. You can select individual bundles from various function groups or combine these.

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  • Main functions: traveling, braking, following a track, and positioning
  • Total payloads of up to 1500 kg in the DC 360 V voltage range
  • Predefined software modules and function blocks for kinematics and inductive track guidance
  • Components and cables are coordinated with the powertrain, approved, and type-tested
  • Implementation of predefined functions significantly reduces development and assembly costs

Kinematics solutions for mobile systems:

  • Rear differential
  • Center differential
  • Towing travel
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Drive module
  • Powertrain with integrated braking technology and speeds of up to 1.6 m/s
  • Used in mobile systems with a total weight of up to 1500 kg
  • Integrated pendulum mechanism to negotiate uneven ground and ramps

Special features:
  • Designed with a high degree of protection
  • Innovative braking system with brake decoupling mechanism
    for manual recovery
  • Optional MOVITRANS® pick-up for inductive energy transfer
  • Integrated third frequency inverter for customized
    drive functions
  • Comprehensive sensor technology, e.g. RFID and inductive track guidance, along with recording of the wheel speed, including for implementation of the SLS safety function

SEW image
DC 24 V wiring box
  • Central DC 24 V connection module
  • Additional hardware can be connected
SEW image
Predefined cables
  • Available in various lengths, with an industry-standard M12 plug connector
SEW image
MOVISAFE® safety relay module
  • Safe disconnection of the brake supply voltage via digital inputs
  • Separate control inputs for the diagnostic function
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MOVIKIT® Modular Vehicle Basic software module
  • Predefined MOVIKIT® software modules minimize the amount of programming for travel functions

We will take care of the following for you:
  • Optimum project planning
  • End-to-end powertrain configuration
  • Coordinated electrical design
  • Full assembly and testing for smooth production
  • Tested software, including software license
  • Bidirectional drive module
Learn more about our modular technology system
  • Main functions: contactless energy transfer, storage, and distribution from the modular MOVITRANS® system for a flexible, energy-optimized design
  • Double-layer capacitors for energy storage
  • Components for energy distribution, wiring, and display functions
  • Predefined software modules and function blocks for various energy management functions such as standby and energy storage content
  • A contactless, quiet, wear-free, and low-maintenance solution for enhanced system availability
  • Mobile systems
  • Track-guided systems
  • Skillets
Stationary components (on left in image) Mobile components (on right in image)
SEW image
Mounting panel
  • For easy and safe wall mounting
SEW image
Compensation box
  • TCS31 compensates a track length of up to 20 m
  • Can be extended to a maximum of 40 m in combination with TCS10
SEW image
MOVI-DPS® (Drive Power Solution) EKV energy storage unit
  • Energy storage or peak load buffering
    thanks to double-layer capacitors
  • Fast, efficient, and direct
    energy absorption and supply
  • Extremely high number of charging cycles
    possible (> 500 000)
SEW image
DC/DC converter
  • With a wide voltage range of 180 – 360 V for supplying 24 V consumers in various power classes
SEW image
Decentralized supply unit
  • System frequency: 50 kHz
  • Power: 8 kW – 14 kW – 28 kW
New: The SAFS functional safety function can be combined with safety-related controls and sensors.
SEW image
Central on/off switch
SEW image
TDM90E pick-up
  • With direct voltage output for energy storage units, 1.1 kW / DC 360 V line voltage
SEW image
MOVIKIT® Modular Vehicle Basic software module
  • Minimal programming required to implement energy management functions thanks to the bundle's MOVIKIT® software modules, e.g. energy storage content, power consumption, standby, and many more besides
SEW image
TLS wedge-shaped cable
  • Can be installed in the floor or
    on top of it
  • Line cable in a specific wedge shape with a cross section of 3 × 3 mm2 up to 60 A
SEW image
DC 360 V distributor
  • Connection option for decentralized
    inverters and scalable power supply systems
SEW image
User interface

  • DC interface for charging and discharging
  • Maintenance switch for safe power disconnection of all consumers for service purposes
SEW image
DC 24 V wiring box
  • Central connection module for DC 24 V consumers
SEW image
Predefined cables
  • Available in various lengths, with an industry-standard M12 plug connector
  • MOVITRANS® contactless energy transfer system
  • MOVI-DPS® power supply
Learn more about our modular technology system
  • Main function: laser-based real-time localization to establish the location of vehicles
  • Control module and navigation module, safety laser scanner, and wiring components
  • Features in the natural environment in the system surroundings are used for orientation purposes
  • Predefined software modules and function blocks for e.g. contour-based laser parking or switching maps
  • User-friendly web application to create and edit SLAM maps
  • Mobile systems
  • Automated stackers and warehouse technology
  • Automated logistics trains
SEW image
Predefined cables
  • Available in various lengths, with an industry-standard M12 plug connector
SEW image
Network switch
  • For easy connection of all participants for communication purposes
SEW image
Control module with software components

  • Open and freely programmable platform for automation with MOVI-C® and third-party components
  • Minimal programming thanks to predefined MOVIKIT® Modular Vehicle Basic software modules
SEW image
Safety laser scanner
  • For precise measurement data and reliable automation processes
  • Can be used in addition to monitoring simultaneous safety zones and contour detection zones
SEW image
Navigation module with localization software
  • High-performance hardware with intuitive web application to create and edit SLAM maps
  • Navigation module
  • Control module
Learn more about our modular technology system