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Installation Consulting provided by SEW‑EURODRIVE staff

What benefits does our installation consulting service offer you?

New technologies need not be more complicated than existing ones, they are simply less familiar. It is good to receive assistance with proper mechanical and electrical installation of the drive technology right from the start. Our service experts help you with our installation consulting. Our project experience can help you to reduce your installation times and safeguard your system functionality. If you wish, we can also take over all aspects of project planning (with regard to the drive technology).

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Our services

Assistance and consultation as early as in the project-planning phase

Inspection of the mechanical and electrical installation, wiring work and much more

Support in setting up a project, such as guidance with random inspections

System inspections, such as checking motor/inverter assignment

Carrying out required corrective measures


The added value for you

The benefit of the SEW‑EURODRIVE project experience
Shorter installation times
We will take over the project planning for the drive technology