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Planetary gear units P

Space-saving planetary gearmotors for operations with low output speed:

The compact construction as a planetary gear unit and a primary gear unit is a feature of our industrial gear unit P series. They are used in systems which demand low speeds and a high torque.

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Planetary gearmotors XP

High-performance planetary gear units with free drive shaft:

The XP series industrial gear units are compactly built planetary gear units for very high torque ratings up to 5 200 kNm. As a stand-alone gear unit it is positioned separately from the motor.

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Planetary gearmotors P-X.e

High torque, high thermal rating:

Many applications in industries such as bulk materials handling or environmental and recycling technology depend on drives with high torques and mean speeds. SEW­EURODRIVE has the solution: a perfectly coordinated unit consisting of planetary gear units and standardized primary bevel-helical gear units.

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Planetary gearmotors PPK

Compact – reliable – flexible:

The load is distributed across multiple planet gears, resulting in a significantly higher power density and thus enabling smaller dimensions compared to other gear unit types. The PKK series planetary gear units are therefore perfect for all heavy-duty applications that require a robust, compact design and high gear ratios.

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