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The benefits for you

PxG® planetary servo gear units:
Technical innovations that are sure to impress

Are you looking for impressive technical excellence combined with high power density and a long service life?

Then simply choose our PxG®planetary servo gear units to gain that vital edge thanks to innovative drive technology. With PxG® and its digital twin, you and your machines will be ideally equipped for both the requirements of Industry 4.0 and the future of digitalization and automation:

  • A digital twin is available for each design.
  • As all components undergo 100% inspection during the production process, the real data of the gear unit can be used to precisely calculate the service life.
  • The QR code on each gear unit provides customized access to technical documentation and other information.
  • The Premium Sine Seal oil seal was developed specifically for PxG® and optimized for maximum dynamics and service life.
Precisely calculate the service life of the drive
  • Digital twin and the latest simulation tools
  • 100% inspection of all mounted planetary gear units (simulation and operation)

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Easy access to digital services
  • Unique QR code on the nameplate
  • Interface between the real drive and the digital twin

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Guaranteed long service life
  • Customized lubricants (GearOil by SEW-EURODRIVE)
  • "Premium Sine Seal” sealing system

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Constant operating characteristics
  • Rotational clearance and angle synchronization are consistent throughout the life cycle, even under very high loads

Calculate the service life of the drive

Digital twin for predictive analysis and maintenance

A digital twin (digital model of the real gear unit) accompanies your PxG® planetary servo gear unit throughout its entire product life cycle. This ensures you are ideally equipped for growing digitalization and production in line with Industry 4.0.

Thanks to the intelligent combination of product configuration, operating characteristics, application data and the real load in the application, failure or faulty operating states of your drive and, therefore, machine failure can be predicted and prevented at an early stage:

  • An impermissible operating state of the gear unit can be diagnosed using deviations from the delivery state.
  • Unsafe system states or product failures can be excluded at an early stage.

Your easy QR code access to digital services:

via Smart App / SEW Product ID plus / Online Support

The unique QR code on each PxG® planetary servo gear unit provides the interface between the real drive and its digital model. This means that, directly at the machine, you have the fastest possible access to product-specific technical documentation and other important information: Dimensioning, production, assembly and configuration data

  • Catalog, operating instructions, assembly videos and installation notes
  • Startup and operating data
  • Information about faults and ordering replacements

Guaranteed long service life

thanks to intelligent innovation

Lubricants by SEW-EURODRIVE

Opting for the customized lubricant GearOil by SEW-EURODRIVE is an innovative way of increasing the durability and, therefore, the service life of your PxG®planetary servo gear unit. What’s more, you will be boosting both the efficiency and the wear resistance of your gear unit. A range of lubricants are available to suit your needs and application:

  • A synthetic oil that has been specially optimized for use in PxG® planetary servo gear units.
  • A grease that reduces churning losses and increases efficiency.
  • Food grade lubricants that have been perfectly designed for use in the food industry.

Premium Sine Seal oil seal

Together with our industrial partner, we developed the Premium Sine Seal oil seal specifically and exclusively for the PxG® series planetary servo gear units. Its special feature is the sinusoidally shaped sealing lip. This increases the size of the contact surface between the sealing lip and the shaft surface. The benefit for you is much better heat dissipation and increased transfer of lubricant at the sealing surface compared to conventional oil seals:

  • Reduced wear on the sealing lip by approx. 50%
  • Twice the service life
  • No leaks due to the otherwise typical pronounced wear tracks on the surface

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