Cranes of the future

From automation and safety to predictive maintenance

A high-quality crane will last for decades. To ensure such systems remain cutting-edge throughout their service life and are fitted with technology that is as future-proof as possible, you should think about future requirements now and factor these into your plans.

Gain a head start with a future-oriented partner

Double-exposed image: Crane system in the clouds

In the future, no crane engineer or crane operator will be able to ignore issues such as efficiency, safety, automation and predictive maintenance, not to mention finding a partner with a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products and services related to drive engineering. After all, cutting-edge drive technology will be at the heart of cranes in the future, as it is key to sustainable success and an important factor on the road to digitalization.

Fully or partially automated crane solutions are already in use in some places and will increasingly determine and optimize processes in coming years. It is vital to create the framework conditions for this now.

Would you like to know what lies ahead for crane systems in logistics and industry? Are you interested in the current trends that are indicating where that journey will take us? And would you like to find out about future-oriented developments that you can benefit from already?

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