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Transport technology connects machines

The term transport technology is used to describe all the materials handling technology between machines in the beverage industry. A particularly high level of flexibility is important in system design for this field, since specific customer requests must be taken into account. Reliable, energy-efficient drive solutions are what's required, along with pioneering digital networking of all components.

Key goals

Reducing CO2

The increasing pace of climate change has made reducing CO2 a key issue. Energy-efficient solutions are required to achieve greater sustainability and reduce costs.

High system availability

With condition monitoring, you get transparency about the status of the drive system and forecasts about critical changes in status, enabling predictive and needs-based maintenance.

Hygiene requirements

A long service life and easy cleaning thanks to special options for wet areas, such as hygienic design with smooth surfaces and no horizontal areas.

Our solutions

Beverage industry – Transport technology numbered

Container transport

Container transport is responsible for transferring containers between beverage filling machines, and is therefore the element of transport technology that connects every part of the production side. The conveyor line consists of various elements, such as the slat-band chain conveyor, pressureless accumulation, mass transport and the buffer track.

Your requirements

  • Precise control of the containers for careful transportation
  • Lower energy requirements
  • Drive solution for challenging ambient conditions such as wet areas
  • Fast installation and startup

Our solution

MOVIGEAR® classic drive unit MOVIGEAR® classic drive unit MOVITRAC® advanced frequency inverter MOVITRAC® advanced frequency inverter Lubricants Lubricants

Packaging unit transport

Packaging unit transport is responsible for transporting, positioning, distributing and turning packaging units in the filling system. Various elements are involved in the conveyor line: link-chain conveyors, roller conveyors, distribution stations and turning stations before palletization.

Your requirements

  • High control quality for fast, dynamic speed control
  • Low noise emission levels
  • Lower energy requirements
  • Simple cleaning

Our solution

MOVIGEAR® performance drive unit MOVIGEAR® performance drive unit MOVITRAC® advanced frequency inverter MOVITRAC® advanced frequency inverter MOVIKIT® software modules MOVIKIT® software modules

Pallet transport

During pallet transport, pallets of packaging units are transported from empties receiving to filled goods dispatch. The conveyor line consists of various elements, including the roller conveyor or chain conveyor, the corner transfer unit for changing direction and the pallet loading and offtake station.

Your requirements

  • Control of high breakaway torques in heavy-load transportation
  • Sturdy technology due to tough ambient conditions
  • Lower energy requirements
  • Positioning during lifting and placing of packaging units

Our solution

DR.. series AC motors DR.. series AC motors Gearmotor with MOVIMOT® inverter Gearmotor with MOVIMOT® inverter MOVIKIT® software modules MOVIKIT® software modules

Life Cycle Services

For us at SEW‑EURODRIVE, Life Cycle Services encompass services, tools and resources throughout your entire system life cycle. This begins in the initial orientation phase and continues all the way through to the operation and modernization of your machinery and systems.

Popular transport technology services:

We would be more than happy to put together a customized service package for you – completely tailored to your needs and scalable at any time.

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