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A high level of flexibility for new product formats

When it comes to products in the beverage industry, consumers' wishes and requirements are constantly changing. The industry is known for its rapidly switching trends. This means great demands are placed on food producers and, therefore, on manufacturers of filling systems and packaging machines. To respond quickly to individual customer requirements, they need to be sure they can implement and deliver new machinery fast. Flexible machine modules make this possible.

Key goals

Flexible product formats

Fast response to new requirements and innovations, combined with the ability to handle a variety of product formats thanks to flexible machine modules.

Energy savings

Reducing energy requirements thanks to energy-efficient drive solutions and optimized planning and design.


Seamless networking of machinery by using future-proof Industry 4.0 solutions (IIoT solutions), standardized interfaces to MES and ERP systems via OMAC PackML, access to data using OPC-UA, and web-based visualization.

Our solutions

Beverage production – Machines numbered

Filling machine

When it comes to filling machines, there are two key designs – rotary and linear. The principal task involves filling receptacles with a precise volume of liquids, which are of different viscosities and include both still and carbonated beverages. Simple dispensing systems are just as possible as the optimization of position, pressure and speed, all the way through to synchronized and interpolated movements.

Your requirement

  • Exact positioning for precise dispensing
  • Optimization of motion profiles
  • Fast, easy product switchover
  • Excellent hygiene and cleanability

Our solution

PSH..CM2H.. series stainless steel servo gearmotors PSH..CM2H.. series stainless steel servo gearmotors MOVIDRIVE® modular frequency inverter MOVIDRIVE® modular frequency inverter MOVI-C® software MOVIKIT® AntiSlosh software modules

Grouping station

The grouping station is where containers are positioned, rotated, moved and pre-grouped to form multipacks or layers for palletizing. Layers of varying distribution help stabilize the pallets. Both shifters and robotics solutions are used here.

Your requirements

  • A high level of precision and dynamics
  • Flexible, versatile grouping
  • Precise, positive palletizing

Our solution

MOVIKIT® Robotics MOVIKIT® Robotics CMP.. series synchronous servomotors CMP.. series synchronous servomotors MOVI-C® control technology MOVI-C® control technology


Palletizers and palletizing robots are process automation systems for automatically combining packs on load carriers. Essentially, there are four different designs – the articulated arm robot, the layer palletizer, the linear robot and the gantry palletizer. Pack size, pack weight and, in particular, the work envelope are key factors when it comes to machine functions and movements.

Your requirements

  • Handling heavy loads and different layers combined with container and layer detection
  • Precise control for the gentle transportation of containers
  • Lower energy requirements

Our solution

CM3C.. series synchronous servomotors CM3C.. series synchronous servomotors MOVIKIT® Robotics MOVIKIT® Robotics Power and Energy Solutions Power and Energy Solutions

Life Cycle Services

For us at SEW‑EURODRIVE, Life Cycle Services encompass services, tools and resources throughout your entire system life cycle. This begins in the initial orientation phase and continues all the way through to the operation and modernization of your machinery and systems.

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We would be more than happy to put together a customized service package for you – completely tailored to your needs and scalable at any time.

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