Online learning opportunities for MOVIMOT®

Our current learning opportunities for the MOVIMOT® D decentralized drive unit provide the essential basic principles for your work with MOVIMOT® D.

Gearmotor with inverter MOVIMOT®

MOVIMOT® D - Overview

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MOVIMOT® decentralized drive unit Description
In this E-learning course, you will get to know MOVIMOT® D and its key features. You will also gain insight into MOVIMOT® D's areas of application and product family.

Learning goals:

  • Being able to identify MOVIMOT® D.
  • Being able to name the key features of MOVIMOT® D.
  • Getting to know the areas of application of MOVIMOT® D.
  • Being able to categorize MOVIMOT® D in the product family.

Available in the following languages:

10 minutes

Type of knowledge:
Product knowledge
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