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Individual applications demand innovative technologies. From software, communication and sensor technology to control, inverter and drive technology, the modular technology system offers the necessary modules for automating your rail-guided or line-guided transport system in modern production.

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The interaction of the stationary and mobile controllers enables the various applications to be implemented functionally.

The UHX-65 stationary segment controller from the tried-and-tested MOVI-C® modular automation system is the central control module for coordinating the electric monorail vehicles and/or Skillet platforms in your conveyor system and the interfaces to neighboring systems. The segment controller's extremely high computing power allows a high number of mobile units to be networked and ensures fast data exchange.

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Mobile, on-board control units implement all functions on the mobile units.

The application controller evaluates sensor technology and encoder. It controls the drives on the mobile unit via the decentralized frequency inverters and communicates with the stationary controller via WiFi via slotted waveguide. The modular design with this separate mobile controller now enables existing systems with Generation B inverters and new systems with Generation C inverters to be upgraded to the latest state of the art in control and communication technology.

  • WiFi 6
  • EtherCAT® CiA402 profile
  • CAN
  • RS 485
  • 8 digital inputs/outputs
  • Connection for removable data memory

Functional safety as an option in preparation.

The "mobile controller" or the traveling controller evaluates sensor technology and encoder and controls the decentralized frequency inverter or inverters. Communication is contactless via the slotted waveguide with the segment controller, which implements all functions on the EMS/EBB vehicles and skillets. The decentralized frequency inverters of the SEW MOVIMOT® and MOVIPRO® product line are used as drives for the motors, e.g. for the travel or lifting axis. This allows for a high degree of flexibility in terms of performance classes and greatly simplifies standardization.

We offer various standardized communication technologies for integration into rail- and line-guided systems.

The slotted waveguide system is used for data communication between stationary transmitters (access point) and mobile receivers (client). The slotted waveguide (SHL) itself is an aluminum hollow profile with a lateral opening (slot) into which the mobile radio antennas are immersed. The special geometric shape of the slotted waveguide allows for locally controlled propagation of the radio signals in the hollow profile with minimized radiation to the outside. The radio signals are supplied via so-called supply elements, which are connected to access points via coaxial cables. The system components are used to create a wireless local radio network (WLAN).

  • High data transmission rate with very reliable and robust radio signal
  • Low attenuation of the radio signal within the slotted waveguide allows a long range
  • Long range of the radio signal means a smaller number of access points compared to other radio systems
  • Attenuation on straight tracks is about 0.1 dB per meter
  • Compact size
  • Can also be installed in curves, switches and lifts
  • High signal attenuation compared to the environment due to the geometry of the slotted waveguide profile and therefore robust against interference

The radiating cable is a coaxial cable with an outer conductor that is slotted at defined intervals. Electromagnetic waves – radio waves – can enter and exit via the slotted openings over the entire length of the leakage wave cable.

The radiating wave cable can be installed in environments where the slotted waveguide or a conventional stationary antenna is difficult or impossible to install or is not suitable for radio technology.

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In the rail and line-guided systems, the energy is transferred contactless via MOVITRANS® or via conductor rail with contact.

Contactless energy transfer also plays an important role in rail and line-guided systems. MOVITRANS® contactless energy transfer from SEW-EURODRIVE is an advantageous alternative wherever access to the energy transfer system is restricted, where a visual condition check is not possible, where maximum availability and a low-maintenance system are required.

Areas of application in the area of system solutions for rail-guided systems:

  • Skillet conveyor
  • Electrified monorail system
  • Line-guided AGVs
  • Electric floor conveyor system

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Conductor rails are often used in electrified monorail systems. Modified clamp holders for additional mounting of SEW-EURODRIVE components for communication and positioning can be requested from leading conductor rail manufacturers.

Proven drive technology from SEW-EURODRIVE is also used in system solutions.

The MOVIFIT® FC decentralized frequency inverter offers pluggable motor cable outputs as an option and is used, among other things, for travel drives for electric monorail systems that have multiple motion axes.
Power range: Up to 4 kW.

With MOVIMOT® flexible, you decide for yourself which motor technology you prefer – whether synchronous or asynchronous.
Power range: Up to 7.5 kW.

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The DRC.. electronic motor is suitable for applications that require an increased control range, e.g. very low or very high speeds, or also for requirements for special energy efficiency.

Two DRC.. motors are used as travel drives in the heavy-duty EMS. Here, an electronic differential can be implemented quite easily and elegantly via torque control. This protects the running surface of the drive wheels in particular during cornering.

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The drives for electrified monorail systems can be safely switched by coupling in the gear unit output stage.

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Different sensor systems are used to implement the system solutions, including the DataMatrix positioning system, which SEW-EURODRIVE offers as an integral component.

The PXV..A read head is part of the SEW-EURODRIVE data matrix positioning system. Consisting of a camera module and an integrated LED lighting unit, the read head records the data matrix codes on the self-adhesive code tape.

In combination with the MOVISAFE® HM31 safety controller, comprehensive safety functions can be implemented that can be derived from the recorded DataMatrix codes – for example, safe distance monitoring (SDM®) between the EMS vehicles.

  • Implementation of safety functions with one read head per mobile unit
  • Large code field for robust information display
  • Multiple redundancy, large read window and large depth of field range for a high tolerance range
  • Reading and evaluating up to 5 codes in the read cycle for reliable position detection
  • Gap on the barcode possible up to approx. 60 mm
  • Color-coded data matrix code with alternating light (blue/red), illuminated by PXV read head for self-test
  • 2D DataMatrix code as an information carrier allows data to be displayed redundantly

The safety concepts arise from the combination of the various safety functions and the corresponding safety hardware.

The powerful MOVISAFE® HM31-B safety controller is designed with a high degree of protection and can be easily integrated into rail and line-guided systems. Certified and prefabricated function blocks enable rapid implementation of comprehensive safety functions up to safety level PL e.

Safe logic processing and safe inputs/outputs

  • Programming languages: Structured text and/or graphical programming
  • Safe communication via PROFINET, PROFIsafe and SafeEthernet
  • Direct connection of sensors (e.g. PXV, encoder) and actuators (e.g. STO frequency inverter)
  • Robust and compact IP54 housing
  • Minimal wiring effort due to plug-in connections
  • Quick and easy device replacement without renewed safety acceptance (access-protected memory card installed)
  • Fast boot option, e.g. for skid systems
  • DIP switch for CAN termination (fewer external components)

Relevant safety functions:

  • Generation of all safety-relevant parameters using data evaluation of the DataMatrix positioning system
  • Monitoring of the movement (e.g. Speed and position) of up to 3 axes in relation to each other
  • Implementation of safety functions Safely Limited Position (SLP) and Safely Limited Speed (SLS)

Advanced functions:

  • Safe distance monitoring (SDM®) for safe distance monitoring

The efficient safety and logic modules of the MOVISAFE ® UCS…B product series with integrated protection functions are ideal for safety functions of lower complexity:

  • Safe logic processing for free linking of safe inputs/outputs with axis monitoring functionality
  • Direct connection of encoders (e.g. safe motor encoders) and actuators (e.g. STO frequency inverter)

Relevant safety functions:

  • Safe range detection using Safe Cam (SCA)
  • Safely Limited Speed (SLS)
  • Safe Torque Off (STO) safely switched off torque
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In combination with the MOVISAFE® UCS…B safety module, the rotational speed of the motor can be reliably monitored, for example, using EI7C/FS motor encoders, thus implementing the "SLS" (Safely Limited Speed) safety function.

Depending on customer requirements and customer applications, we can implement the following safety functions up to performance level (PL) e:

  • SLS – Safely Limited Speed: Safe limited speed
  • SLP – Safely Limited Position: Safely limited position
  • SDI – Safe Direction: Safe direction of movement
  • SBC – Safe Brake Control: Safe brake control and monitoring with SEW brake diagnostics
  • STO – Safe Torque Off: Safe torque off
  • SS1 – Safe Stop: Safe stop

Depending on the selected safety concept, SEW-EURODRIVE also offers safe communication between stationary and mobile safety controllers.

The mechanical collision protection in the heavy-duty electric monorail system usually ensures that the prescribed distance between the bodies in the assembly lines is maintained, for example in automotive production, to protect workers. However, as soon as a larger distance between the car bodies becomes necessary, e.g. when mounting the front-end module with the help of a handling device, the mechanical collision protection usually no longer works.

The innovative "Safe Distance Monitoring" (SDM®) safety function closes this safety gap, offers safe distance monitoring with variable distances, and ensures greater flexibility in the assembly lines.

  • High safety for employees in dynamic production processes
  • Safe distances between vehicles without mechanical collision protection
  • Work cycles can also be implemented in critical areas such as curves with safe distance monitoring
  • Easy integration of this safety function without changing the mechanical design
  • Safe and variable distances at the same time

With innovative, integrated and parameterizable software solutions, we round off our modular technology system for the digital transformation of your smart factory.

Connectivity from shop floor to IT level

Under the umbrella brand MAXOLUTION® connected, the MAXOLUTION® business area has innovative, intelligent software solutions for digitalizing and networking the entire shop floor automation. MAXOLUTION® connected maps the communication of the field level (P system) in an open, standardized interface and integrates it into the IT level (Q system). In conjunction with intelligent sensor technology (e.g. 5G), far-reaching parameters are recorded in addition to the process data and displayed in a digital twin of the entire production system.


  • For mobile autonomous, rail- and line-guided as well as stationary applications in production and logistics
  • Customer-specific and perfect fit thanks to the modular principle
  • Scalable for all project phases from planning to startup to the operating phase
  • Open, standardized communication interfaces to higher-level IT and peripheral systems via MQTT (publish/subscribe)
  • Control and sensor technology via SEW-Edge Devices – multi-protocol, multi-master-capable, connectable
  • Migration from the real world to the digital world in the shortest possible time
  • Intuitive virtual 3D representation of system states on e.g. ANDON Board
  • Web-based and platform-independent user interface for parameterization and control
  • Preevaluation or interpretation of real-time data in edge devices and linking in central factory processes
  • Reconstruction of data – history of all system states
  • For existing or new systems
  • Ready for AI


  • Agile, versatile and efficient factory processes
  • End-to-end process transparency, provision and visualization of data from the start of the project
  • Planning reliability with simulation, emulation and virtual startup
  • Quality checks in the simulated environment to safeguard the software
  • Access to data on premises or cloud-based
  • Shortened startup times
  • Highest system availability
  • Comprehensive monitoring and diagnostics options thanks to high-resolution 3D display and zoom function

In mobile materials handling technology, individual solutions and high flexibility are playing an increasingly important role – and all this with constantly reduced startup times. SEW-EURODRIVE therefore relies on "Parameterization instead of programming". The MOVIVISION® software combines centralized data storage with decentralized intelligence and is a module of the MAXOLUTION® connected module "Automotive Production". The main functions are parameterization, simulation/emulation of the system, virtual startup and detailed diagnostics. With the range of functions of MOVIVISION®, not only individual systems are implemented, but also different systems in parallel operation that travel and interact synchronously in defined track areas (e.g. Marriage in automotive final assembly using heavy-duty EMS and production AGV).

The procedure for starting up a system:

  • Step 1: Import the CAD customer layout and define the track coding (VPR Virtual Position Reference along the track)
  • Step 2: Parameterizing the system functions: All hardware and software features of the real system (e.g. EMS hangers) are virtually duplicated. This displays a digital image of the physical components.
  • Step 3: Generate the 3D simulation/emulation
  • Step 4: Handover of the 3D simulation/emulation to the controller manufacturer. Virtual startup and testing with higher-level controllers. Validation and adaptation in the 3D system with the end customer. The customer can safely take over the control of the digital model, visually check the behavior, perform optimizations and correct errors before the real system is started up.
  • Step 5: Startup and optimization of the real system using the data from the above steps

Your benefits:

  • Virtual testing ensures greater reliability in planning and implementation for Greenfield and Brownfield systems
  • Shortened startup time
  • Maximum system availability by avoiding time-consuming and cost-intensive malfunctions and malfunctions in the real system

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The Motion Profile Manager is a software add-on for MOVIVISION® and enables convenient management of lifting heights and swivel angles in the system.

  • Optional software add-on
  • Managing 16 different profiles (e.g. different product types)
  • Upgrade to up to 200 different profiles on request
  • Copy and paste functions to simplify the maintenance of the table
  • Display of the hoist height profile along the track