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Efficient system integration!
Defined software interfaces for connection to material flow computer and to the warehouse management system.

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Flexible MAXOLUTION® technology modules for versatility and maximum availability.

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Our MAXOLUTION® system solutions for electric floor conveyors offer the right drive and automation solutions with innovative technologies to meet the requirements of modern materials handling technology, especially when connecting high-bay warehouses to the picking zone:

  • Powerful drive and application controller
  • High-performance safety controller for comprehensive safety functions
  • Slotted waveguide technology for reliable and stable data transmission in a high bandwidth
  • Powerful frequency inverters – optionally supplemented with energy storage unit
  • Contactless energy transfer for particularly low-maintenance systems
  • Innovative software tools for engineering, project planning, simulation and startup

Application-specific functions for maximum efficiency and occupational safety of workers in production, among others:

  • Different travel speeds depending on the position and load – also possible with SLS/SLP
  • Adaptive buffer distances
  • Fast load change times due to high dynamics
  • Zone-by-zone safe stopping of vehicles for safe access for maintenance personnel
  • For handling fire protection zones and fire doors

MAXOLUTION® connected – innovative software solutions for networking shop floor automation and integration into the IT level:

  • Detailed online diagnostics of the vehicles using the MOVIVISION® parameterization and diagnostics software
  • Condition monitoring to improve system diagnostics and early failure detection
  • Digital twin of the production system – from OT to IT
  • EdgeDevices for data coupling of third-party I/O devices via MQTT
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  • MOVIPRO® PHC drive and application controller
    • Powerful with integrated frequency inverter from 2.2 kW to 7.5 kW for the travel axis
    • Other decentralized frequency inverters can be connected
    • Fast diagnostics via 7-segment display
    • Parameter memory for fast startup and device replacement
  • MOVISAFE® HM31-B safety controller
    • High-performance safety controller for advanced safety functions
    • Memory card for fast device replacement
  • EMS gear motors, e.g. the HW/HK series
    • Reliable switching thanks to coupling in the gear unit output stage
    • Several sizes ensure permitted wheel loads of 2500 to 40 000 N
  • DataMatrix code tape and a safe 2D camera system
    • Safe position detection
  • Slotted waveguide technology
    • Safe WLAN communication from the vehicle to the MOVISAFE® HM31-B stationary safety controller
  • MOVIVISION® parameterization and diagnostics software for detailed online diagnostics
  • MAXOLUTION® connected software modules
    • Digital twin of the production system with high-resolution 3D visualization
  • Options
    • MOVITRANS® contactless energy transfer system
    • Keypad for manual movement of the vehicles

Electric floor conveyors EBB safety are often used:

  • For connecting high-bay warehouse and picking area or for connecting several storage areas
  • As an application solution for in-house transport of pallets and containers

Conceptual schematic:
Electric floor conveyor safety for extended safety functionality and with contactless energy transmission

  1. MOVIPRO® PHC drive and application controller
  2. MOVITRANS® pick-up heads
  3. Brake resistor
  4. Drive motors
  5. Auxiliary drives
  6. MOVISAFE® HM31 safety controller
  7. Data matrix reader PXV
  8. Antennas for communication
  9. Additional sensor technology, switches and displays
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