MAXOLUTION® parallel arm kinematics kit

  • MAXOLUTION® parallel arm kinematics kit

Looking for a straightforward solution to build your own robot? With us as a reliable partner at your side, MAXOLUTION® machine automation is the ideal solution. Parallel arm kinematics kits from SEW‑EURODRIVE are quick and easy to assemble and simple to program.

Three packages – which you can take individually or together, depending on your level of automation:

The highly versatile MAXOLUTION® parallel arm kinematics kits offer numerous advantages for mechanical engineering companies and end users alike. You can benefit from maximum flexibility for configuring your solution and integrating other components:

  • Controller package:
    • Controller, e.g. MOVI‑C® CONTROLLER UHX85A‑R
    • Visualization and software:
      MOVIRUN® software platform and MOVIKIT® Robotics software module, 3D simulation, web visualization
  • Robot axis package:
    • Axis modules, e.g. MOVIDRIVE® modular
    • Servomotors, e.g. synchronous motors from the CMP.. series, including cabling
  • Robot mechanics package:
    • PxG® planetary servo gear units, compatible with conventional robot kinematics

Your benefits

  • Easy

    thanks to parameterizable MOVIKIT® Robotics software module, including 3D simulation. The pick-and-place control modules are PackML-compatible.
  • Green

    thanks to the three perfectly coordinated component packages – either in combination or individually, depending on the level of automation.
  • Smart

    thanks to open, preprogrammed interfaces for standard peripherals, camera systems and grippers.
  • Clean

    because hygienic design is already possible in the basic version or using a special enclosed stainless steel housing.
  • Fast

    because your parallel arm kinematics robot is easy to configure, quick to assemble and simple to program
  • Precise

    thanks to high positioning accuracy and coordinated mechanical systems and software

...And the best thing is: Together with you, SEW‑EURODRIVE examines your entire machine to find the best solution for your specific application. Our primary focus is on applications for food and beverage production, packaging technology, and intralogistics handling systems.

Example variants of the parallel arm kinematics kit

Close table
Designation Number of arms Rotary axis Tilt axis Hygienic design 3) Work envelope1) 2)
Load capacity
D2 Two Optional No 1000 × 342 50 50
No 1500 × 347 30 45
D4 Three Optional No 500 × 200 2 200
Yes 650 × 270 3 200
Yes 800 × 250 3 200
Yes 1100 × 250 3 180
Yes 1300 × 250 3 150
Yes 1600 × 350 12 100
D5 Three Optional Standard No 800 × 250 1.5 130
No 1300 × 250 1.5 120
  1. 1) 2 arms: Width × height
  2. 2) 3 arms: Diameter × height
  3. 3) Mechanical systems also available in a stainless steel version
We have stored a table for you here.

Quick and easy to assemble – simple to program

MAXOLUTION® parallel arm kinematics kits
MAXOLUTION® parallel arm kinematics kits
MAXOLUTION® parallel arm kinematics kits

You can easily integrate the new MAXOLUTION® parallel arm kinematics kit into your machine, application or as a stand-alone solution in your production processes. The modular structure and independent design of the individual system packages enable you to achieve perfectly coordinated kinematics in just a few simple steps.

Furthermore, the new parameterizable software module MOVIKIT® Robotics enables a quicker and easier startup.

MAXOLUTION® parallel arm kinematics kit: All three packages are perfectly coordinated with each other and offer simplicity, the highest positioning accuracy and maximum flexibility, depending on the level of automation and customer requirements. Each package can also be individually customized.

As with all our solution packages, we use state-of-the-art drive technology components from SEW‑EURODRIVE.

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