On reaching the end of a packaging line, most products still need to be placed on pallets before going to the logistics section. Nowadays, the palletizing systems required for this process need to be increasingly versatile and highly automated. New robot technologies are enhancing or replacing traditional systems. Our MOVI‑C® modular automation system provides ready-to-use software modules and the necessary flexibility for axis control.

COMPAL packaging machine with palletizer from ProSystem Packaging

Modular solutions for all kinds of palletizing and depalletizing

Four main types of palletizing robot are used – articulated arm robots, layer palletizers, linear robots and gantry palletizers. Pack size, pack weight and the nature of the packaging being utilized are key factors when it comes to machine functions and movements. The software used needs to be just as modular as today's new lines and fully automated palletizing systems.

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By teaming up with SEW‑EURODRIVE, we've managed to establish a strong and long-lasting partnership that gives rise to a whole host of innovative ideas. The resulting solutions ensure we are able to maintain absolute safety and reliability, while also achieving outstanding levels of performance.

Our MOVI‑C® modular automation system provides this modularity, which ensures maximum flexibility and simplicity for programmers. In conjunction with our wide-ranging software solutions, intelligent axis control ensures speed and reliability plus gentle container handling and excellent stacking quality.

Regardless of the robotics option / robot kinematics used, our MOVIKIT® Robotics software module always has exactly the right solution, with extremely easy parameterization replacing complex programming.

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Always the right product and the appropriate solution

Flexible palletizing concepts require flexible automation and drive concepts. Thanks to SEW‑EURODRIVE's wide range of products, the appropriate drive technologies are always available. Easy, flexible integration into the overall solution is also ensured. This gives users significant added value based on the "everything from a single source" concept. In conjunction with the integrated, pre-conceptualized MOVIKIT® software modules, our system solution makes it easier to incorporate and combine different technologies. All components are readily compatible with each other and reliably move as one.

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Palletizer process schematicT
  • Red dot with white 1 Pallet infeed
  • Red dot with white 2 Pre-grouping of packages
  • Red dot with white 3 Layer formation / simulation
  • Red dot with white 4 Stacking / palletizing
  • Red dot with white 5 Intermediate layer
  • Red dot with white 6 Transporting

Pallet infeed

Pallet infeed
Pallet infeed

There are various ways and means of feeding pallets into a palletizer. Regardless of whether the pallet comes from a magazine or a dispenser, our flexible MOVI‑C® modular automation system provides suitable centralized and decentralized solutions or – a popular choice in this application – an appropriate combination of the two.

The decentralized MOVIMOT® inverters, which are docked directly onto the gearmotors and fully integrated into the system, and the MOVIKIT® software modules make it easy to incorporate conveyor lines into the overall concept on a modular basis and control them centrally.

Thanks to our comprehensive product portfolio, every type of pallet infeed solution and discharge station can be implemented perfectly – and all from a single source.

Alignment/pre-grouping of packages

Alignment/pre-grouping of packages
Alignment/pre-grouping of packages

The products and packages to be palletized are grouped on the pallet according to a pre-specified layer pattern. This pre-grouping involves a wide range of processing steps and the grouping capacity needs to be high. In most cases, however, only a very small amount of space is available for this complex part of the line, so it needs to have a compact design.

SEW‑EURODRIVE's parallel arm kinematics kit and the associated MOVIKIT® Robotics software modules are ideal in this regard. They can be integrated seamlessly into the high-performance tripod/delta robot technology that is popular for this application.

Our innovative robotics solutions align packages and products precisely, very carefully and so they fit together snugly. Delta robots equipped with a parallel arm kinematics kit adapt quickly to a new layer pattern and changing package sizes. Simple parameterization enables fast and flexible custom changeovers for rapid product changes in the line.

Layer formation / simulation

Layer formation / Simulation
Layer formation / Simulation

Layer formation is a critically important palletizing process. Achieving the perfect shape and arrangement is vital. We offer you the necessary flexibility with our MOVI‑C® modular automation system and with the MOVIKIT® software modules integrated into the motion system as appropriate.

MOVIKIT® AutomationFrameWork and MOVIKIT® Visualization provide additional, optional simulation possibilities for process optimization and layer control purposes. This enables you to thoroughly test all functions and even the grouping capacity as early as the planning phase. Later on, this ensures layers are precisely positioned and ideally grouped in the actual machine ready for removal.



As with layer formation, a number of different technologies are also used during stacking and palletizing – regardless of whether a gantry or articulated/parallel arm robots are being used to palletize the layers. Our MOVIKIT® Robotics software modules offer the ideal option for every conceivable kinematics application. What's more, our parallel arm kinematics kit provides a modular mechanical solution for you to quickly create your very own delta robot – including an operating and programming interface for your robot's user programing with an optional handheld terminal.

Thanks to the additional functions of the MOVIKIT® Robotics Touchprobe add-on, your particular products can be picked up and put back down with exceptional precision and flexibility using variable, product-dependent sensor-based positioning. With the MOVIKIT® Robotics CollisionDetection add-on, meanwhile, obstructions on the motion path can be reliably detected without additional sensor technology and customer-specific movements can be executed in response.

End-to-end, fully integrated functional safety supports all your key motion functions such as Safely Limited Speed (SLS), Safe Direction (SDI) and Safe Operational Stop (SOS), together with position-dependent functions such as Safely Limited Increment (SLI) and Safety Limited Position (SLP).

Intermediate layer

Our MOVI‑C® modular automation system also offers the ideal hardware and software solutions for additional intermediate layer handling systems. The MOVIKIT® Robotics software modules for two, three to four, or more axes can easily be adapted on a modular basis.

With our parallel arm kinematics kit, you can also quickly create your very own delta robot, including operating and programming interface, and benefit from easy robot user programming with an optional handheld terminal.

Furthermore, if the stacking height is not known, the MOVIKIT® Robotics Touchprobe add-on helps the robot arm pick up intermediate layers and then insert them in the perfect position. This add-on's optional end-to-end functional safety covers all key axis-related motion functions. Last but not least, our MOVISUITE® RobotMonitor engineering software helps you with integrated, automatically generated 3D simulation of the robot and all its movements. This has decisive time benefits during startup.


Pallet transport
Pallet transport

SEW‑EURODRIVE's large product portfolio provides you with the ideal drive train, fully integrated into the control system, for the transition from palletizing system to logistics. Both centralized and decentralized solutions are available, along with designs for everything from small to heavy loads – with optional functional safety to protect personnel.

Everything you could need for a custom transport solution is possible. A range of different technologies and corresponding modules can be used in perfect harmony. Whether you are looking for a positioned, synchronized or parallel solution, we always have the ideal MOVIKIT® software module for your requirements.

Automation from a single source

Our virtually unlimited product portfolio offers you centralized and decentralized drive systems in all kinds of performance classes to configure as you wish. End-to-end safety technology, libraries with ready-to-use MOVIKIT® software modules – Robotics, for example – and MOVISUITE® engineering software create a complete solution package.

MOVI‑C® always offers an end-to-end solution for automating your palletizing operations that is a perfect fit.

MOVI‑C® – our all-rounder for your machine automation

MOVISUITE® software interface for palletizers

MOVI‑C® modular automation system

  • Modular
  • Fully integrable
  • Everything from a single source
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