Modular system for automated guided vehicles

  • Modular system for automated guided vehicles

You need a mobile assistance system adapted to your needs? We have the solution! A standardized platform consisting of different modules guarantees a fast setup. By grouping functions within the individual modules, the design work is significantly reduced. Standardized interfaces make the individual vehicle complete.

Your benefits

  • Grouping of functions

    within the individual modules significantly reduce the design effort involved in creating an automated giuded vehicle.
  • Standardized interfaces

    provide for a fast and simple assembly of automated guided vehicles.
  • Maximum availability

    through the use of standardized modules, so that high availability and rapid interchangeability is guaranteed.

Modular system for automated guided vehicles

  • Drive module
  • Control module
  • Navigation module
  • Light module
  • Swivel caster with brake
  • Lift module
  • MOVISAFE® Vehicle Kinematics Safety Controller
  • Energy storage systems
  • Energy Supply System MOVITRANS®

Choose between different drive solutions. Regardless of whether you require a simple bidirectional mode of operation or a complex area-moving mode, we always supply the perfect drive solution. The drive technology installed into the driving modules has an extremely high degree of efficiency, which ensures energy-efficient operation.

Outstanding properties

  • Realization of different driving functions
  • standardized interfaces for a fast realization of the driving function
  • different drive concepts for maximum flexibility
  • highly dynamic, precise and powerful drive unit
  • STO safety function
  • IP54 degree of protection

Realizable drive functions

  • bidirectional driving
  • Swivel base
  • Rotation on the spot without load carrier rotation
  • quasi-omnidirectional
  • omnidirectional

The control technology specially designed for automated guided vehicles enables the execution of demanding tasks with maximum operational safety. The modular design of the control module can vary depending on the intended use.

Outstanding properties

  • vibration-resistant and powerful SEW-EURODRIVE standard controller for automated guided vehicles
  • high reliability in industrial environments
  • ensure seamless, effortless coordination of multiple axes and drives
  • central control of the entire drive technology in the automated guided vehicle
  • quick diagnosis via pictograms
  • manual control and operation of the vehicle
  • standardized interfaces for quick and easy integration of the module
  • IP54 degree of protection

In combination with a laser scanner, the navigation module enables every automated guided vehicle to be located and is thus the prerequisite for calculating the optimal routes. With the help of the contour-based navigation, the navigation module offers a stable and precise position monitoring and thus realizes navigation especially in industrial environments.

Outstanding properties

  • modular design
  • Localization of the automated guided vehicle
  • integrated camera evaluation
  • manual control and operation of the vehicle
  • standardized interfaces for quick and easy integration of the module
  • IP54 degree of protection

The light module is used for optical and acoustic signaling of different statuses. Communication can be established between several automated guided vehicles and the stationary infrastructure. A camera system is integrated in the light module, which can capture barcodes and QR codes.

Outstanding properties

  • compact module
  • modular design
  • standardized interfaces for quick and easy integration of the module
  • Machine to machine interface: contactless data transmission with light
  • Human-machine interface: optical and acoustic signaling

The swivel caster with brake is a holding brake with an emergency stop function, with which automated guided vehicles can be safely braked to an idle state and kept on level ground and on routes with gradients, e.g. ramps.

Outstanding properties

  • suitable for use in safety functions according to EN ISO 13849
  • Absorption of high loads
  • high travel speeds
  • high stability
  • high braking power
  • variable adjustment of vehicle deceleration by adjusting the number and braking force of the swivel casters

The lifting module consists of 2 lifting units and can lift loads of up to 1000 kg. Thanks to its compact design, it is extremely space-saving and thus enables the assembly of automated guided vehicles with a low overall height. The high efficiency of the included drive technology translates into very energy-efficient operation.

Outstanding properties

  • compact design and low height
  • integrated sensor technology for infinitely variable lifting height with safe position determination
  • constant position even after longer idle state – no uncontrolled lowering when loaded due to pressure loss/seal leakage
  • environmentally friendly design: low noise level, no contamination through oil leakage, energy-efficient drive technology
  • Sensor technology for detecting slipped loads and occupied load transfer points

The powerful MOVISAFE® Vehicle Kinematics safety controller is ideally suited for use in automated guided vehicles. Thanks to its compact and modular design, the safety controller is extremely space-saving and can therefore be easily integrated into automated guided vehicles. The certified and prefabricated function blocks enable rapid integration of extensive drive and safety functions up to safety level PL e.

Outstanding properties

  • Motion and position monitoring
  • Calculation of kinematic models with highest demands on floating point arithmetic
  • safe logic processing and safe inputs/outputs
  • Programming languages: Structured text and/or graphic programming
  • safe communication via PROFINET, PROFIsafe and SafeEthernet
  • safe, direct connection of sensors (e.g. laser scanner, PXV, encoder) and actuators (e.g. STO frequency inverter, swivel casters with brakes)
  • robust and compact IP54 housing
  • minimal wiring work due to modular wiring board
  • Hideaway security and memory card allow quick and easy device replacement without the need for another safety inspection.

Energy storage systems enable an efficient use of the automated guided vehicle system in your plant and application. Intermediate charging during idle times, high energy consumption through quick-chargeable storage units in the shortest time, long-lasting use and low maintenance requirements through innovative storage units.

Features described in detail:

  • Opportunity Charging
    The energy storage units are suitable for intermediate charging and allow energy to be recharged for subsequent driving jobs during planned vehicle downtimes, such as during load changes.
  • Speed Charging
    By using fast-chargeable MOVI-DPS® storage units, large amounts of energy can be absorbed in the vehicle in a very short time.
  • Durability
    The energy storage units have been specially developed for long and variable use. The integrated battery management system prevents deep discharge, overcharge, overtemperature, overcurrent and short circuit. In addition, battery technology is well established in the automotive sector and is regarded as proven and robust.
  • Virtually maintenance-free and durable
    By using innovative storage units in an energy storage system, maintenance is reduced to a minimum, unlike vehicles that run on batteries.

These storage systems are available for selection:

  • MOVI-DPS® NiMH Accumulator
  • MOVI-DPS® Double-Layer Capacitor
  • MOVI‑DPS® Energy Interface

High energy capacity for automated guided vehicles. Due to its quick-charging capability, the accumulator works especially well with "opportunity charging" processes.


  • integrated cooling system provides uniform cooling and prevents heat spots
  • The integrated battery management system prevents deep discharge, overcharge, overtemperature, overcurrent and short circuit.
  • The patented jumper plug with integrated fuse enables a long storage time.


  • Opportunity charging prevents downtime for loading and increases vehicle productivity
  • uniform cooling through patented cooling mechanism
  • specially developed for long and variable use
  • not flammable
  • not subject to transport restrictions

The MOVI-DPS® storage units expand our product portfolio in the area of energy storage for automated guided vehicle systems.


  • Nominal voltages 360 V/720 V
  • Various sizes
    • 25F (3 – 6 modules)
    • 100F (6 – 12 modules)
    • 350F (6 – 12 modules)
  • Degree of protection of IP54 – installable outside the control cabinet


  • Speed charging allows a large amount of energy to be absorbed in a very short time
  • modular construction enables an individual design
  • Maintenance-free
  • extremely lightweight energy storage units that can be easily integrated into automated guided vehicles

The EXK energy inferface is used to integrate energy storage systems in automated guided vehicles. Due to the compact design and the high current carrying capacity, an effective charge and discharge control is realized in a very small space.


  • compact design
  • quick charging of energy storage units up to 60 V via EXK22A
  • Degree of protection IP20


  • space-saving
  • fast and easy integration of different energy storage units
  • comprehensive system solution from SEW–EURODRIVE based on Generation C

The MOVITRANS® contactless energy supply system is based on the inductive energy transfer principle. Electrical energy is transferred contactlessly from a fixed conductor to one or more mobile consumers. The electromagnetic coupling is made here via an air gap and is quiet, maintenance-free and free of wear.

MOVITRANS® components and their functions

  • MOVITRANS® TDM90E Pick-up
  • MOVITRANS® TDM80E Pick-up
  • MOVITRANS® Decentralized supply unit
  • MOVITRANS® Round and wedge-shaped conductors

The inductive MOVITRANS® pick-up is used to supply automated guided vehicles with energy without contact. By connecting several pick-ups in series, the power consumption in any automated guided vehicle can be increased and the charging time reduced.


  • Charging while driving along or upright on an inductive line cable
  • high availability, not affected by dirty environment
  • integrated electronics, pick-up controls voltage and current directly at the output


  • Charging during operation, optimal process utilization
  • defined and standardized interfaces
  • compact design

Using the TDM80E inductive MOVITRANS® pick-up, the automated guided vehicle absorbs energy at a defined charging point without contact. Depending on the distance to the energy source, peak powers of up to 11 kW can be achieved.


  • Point charge
  • high availability, not affected by dirty environment
  • integrated electronics, pick-up controls voltage and current directly at the output


  • high power consumption, optimal for opportunity charging process
  • defined and standardized interfaces
  • compact design

The decentralized supply unit is connected to the power grid and generates the current to supply power for the stationary MOVITRANS® components. The compact supply unit represents both the energy source for the line cable (inductive line charge) and for the field plate (inductive point charge).


  • For charging via inductive line cable: TES31A supply unit with a maximum power of 8 to 16 kW or 48 kW per line section (parallel connection)
  • For point-by-point charging via the field plate: Supply TES30A supply unit with a maximum power of 10 kW


  • compact, robust aluminum housing
  • decentralized assembly on the travel section possible
  • maximum efficiency even in the partial load range
  • all connection cables pluggable

Choose between the round and wedge-shaped conductors for inductive power supply along a line. In combination with the inductive TDM90E pick-up, automated guided vehicles are supplied with power without contact.

Round conductor


  • inductive line charging
  • available in different diameters (8/25/41 mm²)
  • suitable for currents up to 85 A
  • specially designed for high frequencies
  • round mounting position
  • suitable for floor installation


  • simple installation
  • can be used for floor installation
  • robust through combination with potting
  • integration directly into the process flow
  • Reduction of operating costs by switching individual line sections on and off

Cable in wedge-shaped design


  • inductive line charging
  • suitable for currents up to 60 A
  • specially designed for high frequencies
  • minimal ground work due to optimized ladder shape


  • quick and simple installation
  • versatile use: Installation in the floor or at installation level
  • simple exchange of the wedge wires possible
  • integration directly into the process flow
  • Reduction of operating costs by switching individual line sections on and off
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