Crane trolley

Crane drives move heavy weights with low performance levels as, in general, only the motion resistance has to be overcome. Our industrial gear unit solutions provide the required torque strength.

Powerful drive solution for crane trolleys

Industrial gear unit solution for use in crane trolleys
High-torque industrial gear unit solution for use in crane trolleys
High-torque industrial gear unit solution for use in crane trolleys

Crane trolleys are used in a multitude of different applications, which means that they have to meet a wide range of requirements: While port and bridge cranes travel at low speed with a limited operating frequency, overhead traveling cranes and container stacking cranes travel at high speeds with a high frequency.

Another challenge is the alternating direction of rotation (reversing operation), i.e. the ability to transport loads in both directions. In this context, the mass moment of inertia is extremely large compared to the mass moment of inertia on the motor side. As a result, gear unit solutions for crane trolleys are primarily responsible for the acceleration and deceleration torque.

Our robust X series industrial gear units are an ideal drive solution for these complex operating conditions. The huge range of available accessories and options reliably meet all your requirements.

Reliable industrial gear unit solutions for a long operating life

Crane trolleys use the force gained from all the drive units to overcome friction forces and for acceleration. This solid and reliable mechanical engineering technology requires drive solutions with matching power. It means that all the drive system components must be able to deal with the necessary operating conditions.

Our drive systems are tailored to precisely this requirement and are comprised of:

  • a motor
  • a disk brake (or brakemotor)
  • a shaft-mounted bevel-helical gear unit (via a key or shrink disk)
  • a motor/brake bracket
  • a torque bracket

Take advantage of our comprehensive experience as an industrial gear unit manufacturer. Our modular principle supplies the best solution for your needs, even under difficult conditions. This ensures high reliability and the long operating life of your crane trolley.

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Your benefits

  • Reliable solutions

    thanks to perfectly compatible components and other options for your specific application.
  • Reliable application

    even in harsh conditions thanks to the X series industrial gear unit's robust housing.
  • Global application expertise

    thanks to many years of success in implementing numerous crane trolley applications in a wide variety of sectors.

Features, accessories and areas of application of drive solutions for crane trolleys


Our drive solution for crane trolleys uses 3- and 4-stage X series bevel-helical gear units. Their features make sure that they meet the high requirements for this application:

  • Robust gear unit housing
  • High radial loads on HSS input shaft and brakes (disk brakes)
  • High radial loads on LSS when using a chain sprocket drive
  • HSS speed between 1,000 and 2,000 rpm
  • Gear ratio of i = 35 – 120

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Accessories are customized to the relevant application:

  • Efficient sealing system (taconite)
  • Oil dipstick and oil level glass
  • Breather valve for humid environments (Des-Case)
  • Oil bath temperature sensor
  • Motors
  • Brakes
  • Surface/corrosion protection

Areas of application

SEW-EURODRIVE industrial gear unit solutions are used in crane trolleys for the following types of cranes:

  • Port crane
  • Bridge crane
  • Overhead traveling crane
  • Container stacker crane

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