Beverage manufacturer Coca-Cola European Partners, referred to in the following as "CCEP", introduced our CDM® – Complete Drive Management in 2012, since this system was a perfect match for the strategic requirements of the Wakefield site. The CDM® Complete Drive Management is an integrated maintenance management system that provides you with a complete overview of all the drive technology that is installed and in stock. In the event of a maintenance request, CCEP can directly contact our service department via the CDM® database. The matter is then dealt with quickly, regardless of whether it is a new drive technology component, an inspection, a repair or an on-site visit from a service engineer. The quick reaction of the service employees and the transparency provided by the CDM® mean that CCEP needs to keep less drive technology in stock. The system also makes it possible for any failures to be detected in advance by means of annual inspections, and it provides the option to create a maintenance history for all drive units that are available on site.