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SEW-EURODRIVE employee carrying out maintenance work

What does our Inspection & Maintenance service offer you?

Our Inspection & Maintenance service helps you improve your operational reliability and system availability. To have all your drive technology checked with the 12-month SEW functional warranty, ask for a Quick Check !

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Your requirements

Improve system availability
Reduce unscheduled downtime on your system and prevent production stoppages
Lower maintenance costs
Meet internal budget requirements and achieve continuous improvement in maintenance costs
Maximize planning certainty
Establish the condition of components and detect damage at an early stage to optimize planning and implement the necessary service measures
Document maintenance measures
Comply with standards, legal requirements and specific customer agreements, particularly with regard to audits

Our services

  • Quick check –
    check and evaluate the condition of mechanical drive components in an existing system. 12-month SEW functional warranty for the drive components checked and found to be OK.
  • Maintenance service for mechanical drive components – brake maintenance/adjustment, oil change, replacement of all wear parts on the motor and gear unit as well as gaskets, oil seals and bearings. 24-month warranty for defects covering service work carried out, including parts replaced.
  • Maintenance contracts can be prepared on a customer-specific and project-specific basis.

The added value for you

Clear and comprehensible diagnostics, including recommended course of action
Trend reports provide a clear overview of the condition of drive technology based on regular maintenance measures
12-month SEW functional warranty as part of the Quick Check
Maintenance history based on documented inspection and maintenance results
24-month warranty for defects as part of maintenance operations
Inspection and maintenance measures for third-party components, too
Reduced repair costs as a result of regular inspection and maintenance
On request: Plannable maintenance operations thanks to early warnings about upcoming service measures
On request: Archiving of recorded data and documents (report on results, including recommended course of action, scheduling of follow-up measures, etc.) in a database

These figures speak for themselves

Whatever your location in Germany, we're never far away. Our expertise and experience maximize your system availability.
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