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What advantages do our libraries and application modules provide?

We provide a solution for any entry level with our libraries and application modules.
Do you want to develop your own solution for a specific drive task? We can provide an integrated development environment with the appropriate templates and software libraries for this. We would be pleased to help you to implement your solution with training and support.
Do you need a quick solution for a drive task? We can provide parameterizable application modules for this purpose, which cover a large portion of the usual tasks. These modules will work without additional programming.

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Our services

For the programmer
  • Integrated development environment based on IEC61131
  • Comprehensive software modules and libraries for different drive tasks
  • Integrated diagnosis and configuration
For the system startup engineer
  • Standardized, parameterizable application modules
  • Simple configuration with the configuration assistant
  • Device-independent parameter entry
  • Integrated diagnostics
  • Training courses

The added value for you

Parameterization instead of programming: you can use graphical configurators to parameterize prefabricated application and technology modules that can be directly executed
Easy startup: using standardized application modules. No time-consuming programming: get started right away
Optimize the application: using numerous diagnostic tools


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