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Your benefits

Quick and easy
startup ensured with LT Shell for MOVITRAC® LTE-B or MOVITRAC® LTB-B inverters or for the decentralized MOVIFIT® basic.

Quick and easy
installation and immediate use of LT Shell software via download.

The multi-lingual programming tool makes quick and easy communication possible for you with your MOVITRAC® LTE-B or MOVITRAC® LTB-B frequency inverters or with the basic inverter MOVIFIT® basic drive unit via RS485 data exchange.

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  • Functions
    • Upload and download parameters
    • Save parameters in one file
    • Export inverter parameters
    • Control inverters
    • Monitor the state of the inputs and outputs and the motor
  • Can be used with
    • MOVITRAC® LTE-B, MOVITRAC® LTP-B frequency inverters
    • MOVIFIT® basic, basic inverter