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Your advantages

Convenient project planning
simply by calculating and combining the components into a drive system

Easy to operate
thanks to a graphical, guided user interface

Flawless project planning
through a final plausibility check of the drafted drive system

Configure and virtually test drive systems with ease.

Use SEW-Workbench to configure basic as well as complex applications and virtually test their functionality:

  • You can conveniently drag and drop the components you want, such as drive, inverter, cable and field distributor into a complete drive system.
  • SEW-Workbench checks your configured drive system and reports possible combination errors.

Did you know…? You can create and save not just one, but multiple projects as a project folder in SEW-Workbench. SEW-Workbench also offers more:

  • Like a kind of savable shopping cart, you can exchange existing projects directly with other Workbench users. This allows multiple project participants to work together on your project and guarantees submission to us for optimal order processing.
  • Don't forget: The result of your Workbench configuration is a product list that can be saved as a PDF file and printed or sent directly to us for order processing.
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