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The benefits for you

Flexible software installation
DriveRadar® SmartDataCollector is easy to install on your system's Windows 10 computers.

Easy to use – easy to collect
Data can be collected, converted, and forwarded on a fully automated basis.

Meaningful data for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
Since analyses and subsequent predictions are impossible without device data, it's important to collect and forward this data for further use.

Can be added later – including as a retrofit solution
All systems can be retrofitted with Ethernet-based solutions, without any additional hardware or wiring work.

DriveRadar® IoT Suite for Applications
Collection and forwarding of sensor data from frequency inverters, controllers, and other devices

For condition monitoring and predictive maintenance purposes, it's essential to get data from devices to determine their status. DriveRadar® SmartDataCollector was developed specifically for this data acquisition task. It collects data from the selected devices and sends this to any desired endpoint in a cloud or on a hard drive. This data can be supplied as either parameters (individual value query) or scopes (observation over a measuring period). Preconfigured containers that ensure optimized device monitoring can be used to make things easier.

Overview of DriveRadar® SmartDataCollector software functions:
  • Finding devices:
    Thanks to the integration of networks, the software can scan the IIoT devices in these networks and subsequently use the devices to generate data.
  • Forming device groups:
    The devices found can then be combined into logical groups in line with the maintenance strategy.
  • Creating containers:
    In the containers, the data to be collected is assigned to the device groups. Either parameter or scope containers can be created.
  • Defining endpoints
    The containers' data can be sent to various endpoints. Besides local data storage, http(s) or the cloud can also be selected as endpoints.
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The cloud level includes a variety of endpoints. Besides the customer cloud or the http(s) endpoint, data can also be sent to the SEW-EURODRIVE cloud, where it is processed and put to further use. From there, the data can be utilized and visualized in the DriveRadar® IoT Suite web app for applications.

The edge level acts as an interface between the device and cloud levels. DriveRadar® SmartDataCollector collects all data within the IoT system. In addition to controllers and external sensors, this also includes drive inverters, the software's main data source.

Countless devices in the SEW-EURODRIVE family can be used as data sources for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. Data is collected via an Ethernet interface or via OPC UA. Everything from frequency inverters and controllers to external sensors and sensor modules can thus be incorporated as data sources.

The modules available to you


The dashboard provides a quick overview of the data collection status and software activity.

Device groups

Devices can be combined into defined device groups.

Container configuration

In the containers, it is possible to select whether parameters or scopes are to be collected from the devices.

Possible applications

The DriveRadar® SmartDataCollector software can be used across a number of different sectors and application-independent. That helps you implement reliable and effective condition monitoring and predictive maintenance for your systems.

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Expert report

Comprehensive, detailed documentation relating to the condition of a drive and all individual components that are being monitored can be found in our expert reports.


A cost-optimized, flexible, and manufacturer-independent repair to restore the system to full working order and reduce downtime

Spare parts service

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CDM® – Complete Drive Management

CDM® – Complete Drive Management is your innovative and convenient database for capturing, updating, searching, and evaluating data


Inventory and analysis of the installed drive components, and drive selection based on the latest technologies using retrofit

Condition monitoring

With condition monitoring, you can minimise your production downtime based on systematic condition monitoring using e.g. endoscopy, thermography, and oil analysis

Variant management

Standardization and reduction of product variants, and simplification of your master data management through our variant management


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