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Your benefits

Safe planning
Our helical servo gearmotors are designed for equipment group II and category 3GD.

Customized configuration
This ensures that the perfect drive is always available in your system.

Exploit dynamics
Perform even the most complex tasks and processes with power and precision.

Power, dynamics, and precision with our explosion-proof gearmotors

Save time and benefit from the modular options for explosion-proof helical servo gearmotors from the R..CMP.. series. This means you will always have an explosion-proof drive that is optimally suited to your individual requirements.

At SEW‑EURODRIVE, we also offer a number of practical configuration tools. You will soon discover that our explosion-proof helical servo gearmotors are the perfect fit for your applications. This is particularly true for compact solutions requiring a high level of precision. The R..CMP.. helical servo gearmotors enable particularly complex processes to be optimally implemented in potentially explosive system environments. This means a high level of performance, efficiency, and safety for all of your systems. You can also benefit from our wide range of accessories. This enables us to offer you even more flexibility and freedom in terms of planning and implementation.

Our explosion-proof R..CMP.. helical servo gearmotors are always the right choice – particularly for lightweight system constructions. You save valuable installation space and get the most out of your installation options. Powerful peak torques of up to 6000Nm also give you real power and precise dynamics.

Certification according to ATEX includes equipment group II and equipment category 3. The combinations are available in II3GD and II3D design.

Contact form Worldwide locations Locations in Germany Worldwide directives and standards Adapters Extended Warranty Surface and corrosion protection Lubricants DUO diagnostic unit Brakes and brake control Encoder systems /DUE diagnostic unit option Premium Sine Seal oil seal Other additional features Learn more Explosion-proof helical gear unit RX series (single-stage)
  • Highly efficient helical gear units in six sizes
  • High output speeds
  • Gear unit ratios up to i = 8.65
    • Available in foot-mounted or flange-mounted design
R series
  • Twelve sizes allow for an optimum ratio between performance and space requirements
  • Finely stepped gear unit ratios
  • Available in foot-mounted or flange-mounted design
  • Also available with reduced backlash
RM series
  • Explosion-proof helical gear units with extended output bearing hub
  • Specifically designed for agitating applications
  • Ten frame sizes
    • Offer gear unit ratios up to i = 289.74
    • Allow high overhung and axial loads as well as bending moments
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Explosion-proof synchronous servomotors CMP.. series
  • Compliant with Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX), or as of April 20, 2016 of the EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX), equipment group II, equipment category 3
    • Category II 3GD, for use in zones 2 / 22
    • Category II 3D, for use in zone 22
    • also available with brake and Hiperface® encoder (with electronic nameplate) in category 3D
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RX..CMP.. gearmotors
RX.. gear unitsCMP.. motors
Gear unit sizeSizeTorque range MaDyn
5750S – 100S6.6 – 90
6750S – 100S8.3 – 162
7763S – 100L15 – 305
8771S – 100L41 – 540
9780S – 100L93 – 800
107100S – 100L114 – 910
R..CMP.. gearmotors
R.. gear unitsCMP.. motors
Gear unit sizeSizeTorque range MaDyn
0740M12 – 51
1750S19 – 86
2740M – 80S12 – 136
3740M – 80S13 – 205
4750S – 100S19 – 305
5750S – 100L25 – 455
6750S – 100L25 – 665
7763S – 100L57 – 900
8771S – 100L133 – 1550
9780S – 100L290 – 3090
10780L – 100L385 – 4360
12780L – 100L406 - 6920

Applications in potentially explosive areas with air/gas or air/dust mixtures according to Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX), or as of April 20, 2016 of the EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX).

Gearmotor(directly mounted gearmotor)II3GD
Stand-alone gear units(gear units with adapter AQ)II2GD1/21
Stand-alone CMP motorII3GD


  • Food industry
  • Packaging machines
  • Packers/unpackers
  • Palletizers and packaging machines
  • Sorting and stacking systems
  • Conveyor belts
  • Cycle feeds
  • Tire, rubber and plastic processing machines
  • Travel axes, lifting axes, additional axes
  • Positioning drives