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Your benefits

Safe monitoring
Our safety cards meet all relevant safety standards and legal requirements regarding functional safety.

Build cost efficiency into planning
You can consistently dispense with external safety equipment.

Simple integration
You can easily use our safety cards in new and existing systems.

Utilize compatibility
DCS..B offers particularly compact integration in your control cabinet structure.

Cut costs
All of our drive and safety components are equally compatible with all of our drive inverters.

MOVISAFE®: Modular safety UCS50B and UCS51B logic modules for multi-axis applications
Integrated functional safety for your drive and frequency inverters

Functional safety has highest priority when operating any type of system. Our DCS..B safety cards offer compact and functional safety solutions that are economic and that offer maximum operational reliability.

Our safety cards ensure targeted motion monitoring and offer additional practical functions for the safe operation of your systems. Compatibility with all drive components is of major importance.

We offer the following safety cards:

  • MOVISAFE® DCS31B for motion and position monitoring
  • MOVISAFE® DCS32B for motion monitoring

The MOVISAFE® DCS31B safety card is designed for demanding safety tasks in terms of motion and position monitoring. You can simply integrate this card in the MOVIDRIVE® B, size 1 to 7, drive inverter and install it in the control cabinet. The card offers an extremely compact and space-saving safety solution, which can be easily and flexibly retrofitted any time.

MOVISAFE® DCS32B has been conceived with practical aspects in mind and is designed for integration in MOVIDRIVE® B drive inverters. This enables space-saving and compact installation of this functional safety component in every control cabinet.

Contact form Worldwide locations Locations in Germany Integrated functional safety in the control cabinet:
  • Motion monitoring with MOVISAFE® DCS32B
  • Motion and position monitoring with MOVISAFE® DCS31B
  • Safety functions in accordance with IEC 61800-5-2:
  • Can be extended with input/output modules:
    • DCS..B safety cards:
      • 8 digital safe inputs and 3 digital safe outputs
  • Integrated axis monitoring function
  • Integrated logic processing for connecting inputs/outputs as required
  • Designed for integration in drive inverters:
    • DCS..B safety cards:
      • For MOVIDRIVE® B drive inverters (sizes 1 to 7)

Range of applications for DCS..B safety cards in control cabinet drive technology:

  • Stacker cranes
  • Travel carriages
  • Crane systems
  • Handling gantries
  • Luggage handling systems
  • Assembly sections: press plant, body shop, paint, final assembly