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Motor efficiency class IE5 according to inverter operation from IEC TS 60034-30-2. Energy losses can be up to 50% lower than with a pure IE3 mains motor.

Can be combined with our wide range of modular systems. With or without gearbox, with centralized or decentralized inverters. This creates an energy-efficient system component by component.

Low space and installation requirements in a wide range of applications. The DR2C.. motors can be up to two sizes smaller than comparable sizes smaller than comparable IE3 asynchronous motors.

DR2C.. synchronous motors (IPM technology)

With the technology of integrated permanent magnets (IPM - Interior Permanent Magnet) in the IE5 solutions with synchronous motors of the DR2C.. series, we have equipped the module of our motors in the portfolio with more efficiency and made it future-proof: an extension of the existing motor modular system designed for inverter operation. The dynamics of the drives are increased compared to a mains motor and at the same time the size is minimized with maximum efficiency of the drives in a very wide range of applications.

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The motors supplement our DR.. motor modular system with the maximum efficiency class IE5 defined in the standard in accordance with TS IEC 60034-30-2 - their properties at a glance:

  • for pure inverter operation
  • System solution with control cabinet technology: central MOVITRAC® advanced, MOVIDRIVE® and decentralized MOVIMOT® inverters from the MOVI-C® modular automation system
    • encoderless with ELSM control method
    • with encoder in CFC control method
  • With MOVITRAC® LTE-B+ and MOVITRAC® LTP-B inverters
    • encoderless with PMVC control method
  • Synchronous motors with permanent magnets
  • IPM technology (Interior Permanent Magnet)
  • Highest normative efficiency class IE5
  • High efficiency over the entire speed range
  • high thermal reserves
  • high power density
  • Low inherent mass inertia results in minimal losses during acceleration processes
  • lowest system losses at full and partial load operation
  • 2 speed classes: 2000 and 3000 min-1
  • 6 sizes up to 17 kW
  • complete range of accessories and options of the modular motor system is available, e.g. brake, encoder, connectors etc.
DR2C.. system overview with inverters from the MOVI-C® modular automation system for horizontal materials handling technology MOVITRAC® advanced, MOVIDRIVE® system/technology, MOVIDRIVE® modular, MOVIMOT® flexible
MotorSpeed classPIE5
MOVITRAC® advancedMOVIDRIVE® system/technologyMOVIDRIVE® modularMOVIMOT® flexible
DR2C 71MSA 420000.693.31.77MCX91A-0025-5E3-4-..MDX91A-0020-5E3-4-..MDA90A-0040-503-X-..-0020-..
DR2C 71MA 420001.04.952.45MCX91A-0040-5E3-4-..MDX91A-0032-5E3-4-..MDA90A-0040-503-X-..-0025-..
DR2C 80MKA 420001.57.13.55MCX91A-0055-5E3-4-..MDX91A-0040-5E3-4-..MDA90A-0040-503-X-..-0040-..
DR2C 80MA 420002.310.85.0MCX91A-0070-5E3-4-..MDX91A-0055-5E3-4-..MDA90A-0080-503-X-..-0055-..
DR2C 90SA 620003.617.38.0MCX91A-0125-5E3-4-..MDX91A-0095-5E3-4-..MDA90A-0080-503-X-..-0095-..
DR2C 90LA 620004.722.510.2MCX91A-0160-5E3-4-..MDX91A-0125-5E3-4-..MDA90A-0120-503-X-..-0125-..
DR2C 100LSA 620005.92813.3MCX91A-0240-5E3-4-..MDX91A-0160-5E3-4-..MDA90A-0160-503-X-..-0160-..
DR2C 100LA 620007.234.517.1MCX91A-0240-5E3-4-..MDX91A-0240-5E3-4-..MDA90A-0240-503-X-..-
DR2C 112MA 620009.84721.5MCX91A-0320-5E3-4-..MDX91A-0240-5E3-4-..MDA90A-0240-503-X-..-
DR2C 132SA 6200013.26327.5MCX91A-0400-5E3-4-..MDX91A-0320-5E3-4-..MDA90A-0320-503-X-..-
DR2C 71MSA 430001.13.552.65MCX91A-0040-5E3-4-..MDX91A-0032-5E3-4-..MDA90A-0040-503-X-..-0032-..
DR2C 71MA 430001.75.33.95MCX91A-0055-5E3-4-..MDX91A-0040-5E3-4-..MDA90A-0040-503-X-..-0040-..
DR2C 80MKA 430002.47.65.7MCX91A-0095-5E3-4-..MDX91A-0070-5E3-4-..MDA90A-0080-503-X-..-0070-..
DR2C 80MA 430003.511.37.9MCX91A-0125-5E3-4-..MDX91A-0095-5E3-4-..MDA90A-0080-503-X-..-0095-..
DR2C 90SA 630005.818.512.8*MCX91A-0160-5E3-4-..MDX91A-0125-5E3-4-..MDA90A-0125-503-X-..-0125-..
DR2C 90LA 630007.122.514.9MCX91A-0240-5E3-4-..MDX91A-0160-5E3-4-..MDA90A-0160-503-X-..-0160-..
DR2C 100LSA 630009.43022MCX91A-0320-5E3-4-..MDX91A-0240-5E3-4-..MDA90A-0240-503-X-..-
DR2C 100LA 6300010.73424MCX91A-0320-5E3-4-..MDX91A-0240-5E3-4-..MDA90A-0240-503-X-..-
DR2C 112MA 6300014.84732.5MCX91A-0460-5E3-4-..MDX91A-0460-5E3-4-..MDA90A-0320-503-X-..-
DR2C 132SA 63000175434MCX91A-0460-5E3-4-..MDX91A-0460-5E3-4-..MDA90A-0480-503-X-..-

* Nominal current inverter -0125-..

Can be used worldwide in various applications:

Transport and logistics

  • Belt conveyors, especially sorter belts
  • Roller conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Rotary tables
  • Scissor lift tables
  • Palletizers

Production technology

  • Skid conveyors
  • Rotary units
  • Lifting/lowering conveyors
  • Rapid/creep speed positioning

Only half the solution without a gear unit? Central or decentralized inverters?

No matter which combination you need: Our modular system has the right variant!

This allows you to create a more energy-efficient system, component by component, combined with speed control or time-based system management.

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