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Time saving
Fast and easy startup thanks to the electronic nameplate and the use of preconfigured MOVIKIT® software modules.

Cost reduction
Savings in operating costs through the use of regenera

Scalable functional safety from STO function integrated as standard to retrofittable option cards for additional safety functions as well as safe communication.

Connection to common control systems by supporting various fieldbus protocols.

Control technology Control cabinet technology Decentralized drive technology Drive technology
MOVIDRIVE® application inverter

When developing our new MOVI‑C® modular automation system, one of the key considerations was whether current inverter technology will cope with the automation tasks of the next few decades. One approach would have been to take tried-and-tested components that are technically sound and, most importantly, reliable and make them even better.

Instead, we chose to completely re-engineer inverter technology and take automation technology based on MOVI‑C® to a whole new level. After all, we believe the future of automation is mapped out in every component, including inverter technology. That's why the new MOVI‑C® modular automation system includes new MOVIDRIVE®application inverters. Although the name hasn't changed, the inverters have been completely redeveloped and redesigned. The end result is a new inverter platform for all standard motors.

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  • One inverter series for all motors – control and monitor:
    • Synchronous and asynchronous AC motors with/without an encoder
    • Asynchronous motors with LSPM technology
    • Synchronous and asynchronous linear motors
  • Extremely straightforward startup using the electronic nameplate or the electronic catalog
  • Simple startup of unrecognized motors using the calibration function
  • Energy-saving functions for partial-load operation and standby mode
Selected technical data
 MOVIDRIVE® modular MOVIDRIVE® systemMOVIDRIVE® technology
Nominal line voltage
3 x AC 380 – 5003 x AC 200 – 240
3 x AC 380 – 500
3 x AC 200 – 240
3 x AC 380 – 500
Rated output – power supply module
10 – 110
Rated output – single-axis unit
0.55 – 3150.55 – 315
Nominal output current – single-axis module A
2 – 180
Nominal output current – double-axis module
2 – 8
Overload capacity 250%200%200%

Application areas

  • Hoists
  • Saw applications
  • Presses
  • Collator and top loader

MOVIDRIVE® controls and monitors all types of motors

MOVIDRIVE® application inverters are available as single-axis application inverters with rated outputs of up to 315 kW and as modular multi-axis systems incorporating single-axis and double-axis modules with rated currents of up to 180 A. They exhibit an overload capacity of up to 250% for dynamic motion. Inverter technology "made by SEW‑EURODRIVE" – both as single-axis application inverters and in the modular design – controls and monitors all types of motors, from synchronous and asynchronous AC motors with/without an encoder to asynchronous motors with LSPM technology or synchronous and asynchronous linear motors. Functional safety is, of course, built in and even the basic unit incorporates the STO safety function in PL e. More than 15 additional safety functions can be incorporated using safety option cards.

Details of designs

MOVIDRIVE® modular

Compact multi-axis system comprising power supply modules, regenerative power supply modules, single-axis modules and double-axis modules

  • Up to 30 drives on one power supply module
  • Up to 800 m overall machine cable length
  • Control via MOVI‑C® CONTROLLER
  • Particularly compact design
  • Master module for compact integration of MOVI‑C® CONTROLLER
  • Power supply modules with energy recovery and energy storage management options
  • Available as EtherCAT® CiA402 profile variant
  • Intelligent power supply and energy management with Power and Energy Solutions


  • Perfect addition to the multi-axis system for high outputs or long motor cables
  • Up to 1200 m motor cable length
  • Control via MOVI‑C® CONTROLLER
  • Available as EtherCAT® CiA402 profile variant

MOVIDRIVE® technology

In addition to the standard features of MOVIDRIVE® system, MOVIDRIVE® technology also offers:

  • Flexible fieldbus connection – choose PROFINET, EtherNet/IPTM, Modbus TCP or EtherCAT®
  • Simplified startup and diagnostics thanks to MOVIKIT® software modules with diagnostics monitor
  • Startup via plug-in keypads, including USB connection for engineering software
  • Alphanumeric or fully graphic keypad
  • For starting up the frequency inverter and the MOVIKIT® software modules


To get your motor up and running, you can read off and input the type designation on the motor's electronic nameplate. Alternatively, you can also use the electronic catalog in the MOVISUITE® engineering software.

Even motors that are not recognized pose no problem thanks to easy startup using a calibration function. What's more, energy-saving functions such as regenerative power supply units, energy storage units and a standby mode ensure optimum energy efficiency. During breaks in operation, standby mode reduces the power consumption of application inverters by up to 85% – without losing communication with the higher-level PLC.

Applications are put into operation using graphical editors, which make it incredibly easy to create motion functions, and automatic IEC code generation, which is an entry-level sequence programming solution.

Integrated communication interfaces

MOVIDRIVE® modular design

  • Available as EtherCAT® CiA402 profile variant

MOVIDRIVE® system design

  • Available as EtherCAT® CiA402 profile variant

MOVIDRIVE® technology design

  • Flexible fieldbus connection – choose PROFINET, EtherNet/IPTM, Modbus TCP, or EtherCAT®


From control technology to inverters and drives, whether centralized or decentralized, there are no language barriers with any of the components from the MOVI-C® modular automation system.

Plan the design of your machines or systems with a single control, communication or installation topology. Our hardware and software will slot seamlessly into place and simply get things moving.

The EtherCAT® CiA402 profile is increasingly being used for custom motion control applications, as it has proven highly effective, especially in complex processes. Naturally, MOVIDRIVE® application inverters have the appropriate interface and can also easily control up to 30 drives (individually) with just one power supply module.

Find out more: Control and communication topology

MOVIKIT® software modules

The "Drive" category includes MOVIKIT® software modules that are operated directly on the MOVIDRIVE® application inverter:

  • MOVIKIT® Positioning Drive: MOVIKIT® Positioning Drive enables positioning applications with a standardized fieldbus interface.
  • MOVIKIT® RapidCreepPositioning Drive: MOVIKIT® RapidCreepPositioning Drive is a software module for implementing classic "rapid/creep speed positioning" without a motor encoder.
  • MOVIKIT® Velocity Drive: MOVIKIT® Velocity Drive allows you to use applications with velocity control and a standardized fieldbus interface.
More about MOVIKIT®

Single-cable technology for power supply and data transfer with digital encoder for synchronous and asynchronous motors

In fact, only one hybrid cable is required and installed here for the data connection between inverter and motor, and the MOVILINK® DDI digital data interface transfers the power, brake and diagnostic data to the motor.

Finde out more

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MOVILINK® DDI digital motor integration from the MOVI‑C® modular automation system enables you to connect drives to power and data.

Functional safety

Due to the requirements associated with technical standards and situations where humans and machines are working hand in hand, the number of plant areas equipped with functional safety technology is constantly growing. As a result, functional safety is an integral part of any application.

With the MOVISAFE® CS..A safety cards, SEW‑EURODRIVE has made functional safety part and parcel of all MOVI-C® application inverters. STO in PL e is already included in the MOVIDRIVE® basic unit. All higher-level safety functions are achieved by inserting an option card, including all the necessary connections to the inverter technology – encoder, communication and STO. This helps you reduce project costs to what is necessary to achieve the functions you actually need.

Functions in the basic unit

  • STO (safe torque off)
  • SIL 3 to EN 61800-5-2, EN 61508
  • PL e to EN ISO 13849-1
  • Can be activated via safe inputs
  • Can be activated via safe communication if a CS..A safety card is inserted
  • Extremely short response times of 2 ms enable small safety clearances

MOVISAFE® safety card functions

  • Five scalable safety cards as appropriate to application requirements
  • More than 15 higher-level safety functions can be incorporated by inserting option cards
  • Can be inserted retrospectively at any time, with no additional external cables needed
  • Also available with an additional multi-encoder input
  • Safe communication via PROFIsafe/PROFINET and Safety over EtherCAT®
Functional safety overview
Safe inputs44444
Safe outputs 2222
Safe stop function STO, SS1+tSTO, SS1+t, SBC STO, SS1+t, SBCSTO, SS1+t, SBCSTO, SS1+t, SBC, SBT
Safe brake control SOS, SS1-r, SS2, SLS, SSR, SLA, SSMSOS, SS1-r, SS2, SLS, SSR, SLA, SSMSOS, SS1-r, SS2, SLS, SSR, SLA, SSM
Safe positioning function SLI, SDISLI, SDISLI, SDI, SCA, SLP
Safe communication PROFIsafe,
Safety over EtherCAT®
Safety over EtherCAT®
Safety over EtherCAT®
Safety over EtherCAT®
Safety over EtherCAT®
Additional multi-encoder inputYesYesYes

Available options:

  • Keypads
  • Multi-encoder input in the basic unit
  • Encoder option for additional EtherCAT® encoder interface
  • Extension for inputs and outputs
  • Braking resistors
  • Regenerative power supply
  • Line choke
  • Line filter
  • Output choke
  • Output filter
More about Keypads

Certifications / Conformity

  • CE (European Economic Area)
  • EAC (Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus)
  • RCM (Australia, New Zealand)
  • RoHS (China)
  • cULus (USA, Canada)
  • KC (South Korea)
  • UKCA (United Kingdom)
  • CMIM (Morocco)
  • WEEE (European Economic Area)


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