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The benefits for you

In the delivery state, startup has already been completed for asynchronous motors with the same power rating. Unpack – connect – specify setpoint – motor runs

Operator panels help make replacing units quick and easy.

The extremely compact dimensions save a great deal of space in the control cabinet.

The inverter can be connected to standard control systems, as various Industrial Ethernet protocols are supported via pluggable fieldbus gateways (in preparation).

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Redefining simplicity

If you require a highly compact and simple inverter that can be started up in no time at all, MOVITRAC® basic is the product for you.

It has been developed to control the speed of asynchronous AC motors without encoders up to a maximum power rating of 1.5 kW.

Despite its simple design, MOVITRAC® basic can be connected to standard control systems, with communication taking place via pluggable gateways for PROFINET, EtherCAT®, EtherNet/IPTM or Modus TCP in the future. MOVITRAC® basic is ideal for simple materials handling applications, such as conveyor belts and chain conveyors.

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Motor design

Asynchronous AC motors without encoders

Degree of protection


Energy efficiency

Inverter meets energy efficiency class IE2 according to Ecodesign Regulation (EU) 2019/1781

Interference emission

  • Limit value class C3 according to EN 61800-3.
  • The interference suppression level can be improved using appropriate measures. See the section of the product manual MOVITRAC® basic entitled "EMC-compliant installation according to EN 61800-3" for further information.


  • Spring terminals for signal terminals
  • Separable screw terminals for line and motor connection


QR code on the device for rapid access to Digital Services


Optimized control cabinet planning possible thanks to Online Support tools, such as EPLAN data and product configurator

Nominal line voltage
Nominal power
Overload capacitySizes
1 × AC 200 – 240 V0.55 – 0.75150%0XS
3 × AC 200 – 500 V0.75 – 1.5

Further options

Pluggable and scalable operator panels in three versions

  • CBG01A: 5-digit, 7-segment display
  • CBG11A: Monochrome display
  • CBG21A: Color display or MOVISUITE® engineering software for startup

Pluggable line filters to increase the interference suppression level

Horizontal materials handling technology, such as chain conveyors or conveyor belts

Integrated communication interfaces

Binary and analog inputs

Optional communication interfaces – pluggable fieldbus gateways (in preparation):

  • EtherCAT®
  • EtherNET/IP TM
  • Modbus TCP

MOVIKIT® software modules from the "Drive" category can be used in conjunction with MOVITRAC® basic.

In preparation: MOVIKIT® Velocity Drive enables applications with speed specification and standardized fieldbus interface directly on the MOVITRAC® basic simple inverter.


From control technology to inverters and drives, whether centralized or decentralized, there are no language barriers with any of the components from the MOVI-C® modular automation system. Plan the design of your machines or systems with a single control, communication, or installation topology. Our hardware and software will slot seamlessly into place and simply get things moving. Even when it comes to communication know-how, the standard solution has no limitations. Whatever control or communication topology you specify, MOVITRAC® will have the necessary interface built in and make light work of controlling the motor assigned to it.

Find out more: Control and communication topology


  • CE (European Economic Area)
  • UKCA (United Kingdom)

In preparation

  • cULus (USA, Canada)
  • EAC (Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus)
  • KC (South Korea)
  • NM (Morocco)
  • RCM (Australia and New Zealand)

Inverter meets energy efficiency class IE2 according to Ecodesign Regulation (EU) 2019