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  • AC motors of the DRN.. series

    The new IE3 AC motors of the DRN.. series with less than 0.75 kW

  • AC motors of the DRN.. series

    With all options

  • AC motors of the DRN.. series

    Always a powerful performance – regardless of frequency and number of poles

  • IE3 AC motors of the DRN.. series

    Powerful as never before

A higher efficiency class with a virtually identical motor frame size

One-of-a-kind modular concept
 IE3 AC geared motors of the DRN.. series

The new IE3 AC motors of the DRN.. series also offer you the gear unit combinations you are used to, while meeting all legal and standard requirements.

Small - compact - light
The IE3 AC motors of the DRN.. series

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As of January 1, 2015, all 2, 4, and 6-pole asynchronous motors with a power rating of 7.5 kW or higher that are put on the market in the European Union, Switzerland or Turkey must meet the requirements for efficiency class IE3.

With optimized weight, dimensions and performance, these asynchronous motors are easy to integrate into machines and systems for energy-efficient operation.

NEW: Creating investment security even at power ratings of less than 0.75 kW

New energy saving provisions are currently in planning that will affect asynchronous motors with nominal power ratings lower than 0.75 kW. Thus we already offer our customers motors of energy efficiency class IE3 in the 0.09 to 0.55 kW power range in order to give them future-proof, safe investment options in the machines and plants that they operate.

Of course, the new DRN.. motors are an integral part of our modular motor system. A new, smaller mechanical gear unit interface enhances the system's flexibility and combinations.

The maintenance-free brake BE03 with functional safety and the new built-in encoder EI7C for size 63 are available as additional options. The encoder option makes no difference in the overall length. The new IE3 motors are available with an IP54 degree of protection and the option of IP55 to IP66. The focus is on applications in pumps, powertrains, roller conveyors, and conveyor lines for intralogistics.

The new IE3 motors naturally comply with all major global design specifications and standards such as IEC 60034, NEMA MG1, UL 1004-1, CSA C22.2-100, ABNT 17094-1 and GB 12350 (CCC). They already meet the upcoming energy-saving regulations, whether it's those for Europe, India, Brazil, the USA, Canada, China or other countries.

This makes us the leading manufacturer of energy-efficient gearmotors of energy efficiency class IE3 with power ratings between 90 and 200 watts, with product quality and a comprehensive line of product-related services that operators know and value.

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Your benefits

  • Future-proof

    with the new DRN.. motors already fulfilling the future requirements
  • Flexible

    with even the new series DR2S.. and DRN.. being compatible with all the options of the DR.. modular motor system
  • Complete

    with all performance levels between 0.09 to 225 kW available

Technical data

DR..63 to DR315..

Technical data in line operation

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Sizes DR..63 bis DR..315
Number of poles 2, 4, 8, 4/2, 8/2, 8/4
Frequency [Hz] 50, 60
Rated power[kW] 0.09 - 200/225
Product lines DRS.., DR2S.., DRE.., DRN..
Operating modes Continuous and intermittend duty
Suitable for inverter operation Yes
Available as brakemotor Yes
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NEW: DR2S.. und DRN..motors < 0.75 kW

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IE class Number of poles Motortype at frequency 50 / 60 / 50/60 Hz  
      Power kW Power hp
IE1 2-pole DR2S..
Size 63 - 80
0.18 - 1.5 0.25 - 2.0
4-pole DR2S..
Size 63 - 80
0.12 - 1.1 0.16 - 1.5
6-pole DR2S..
Size 63 - 80
0.09 - 0.55 0.12 - 0.75
IE3 2-pole DRN..
Size 63 - 71
0.18 - 0.55 0.25 - 2.0
4-pole DRN..
Size 63 - 80
0.12 - 0.55 0.16 - 0.75
6-pole DRN..
Size 63 - 90
0.09 - 0.55 0 12 - 0.75
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