Standard redefined – MOVITRAC® advanced - Announcement

Do you want to save time while also gaining flexibility? Now this is possible – with our MOVITRAC® advanced standard inverter. The unit can be used in a wide variety of areas of application thanks to its power range from 0.25 to 315 kW, as well as a comprehensive and scalable function package.

The compact standard

The MOVITRAC® advanced standard inverter.
The MOVITRAC® advanced standard inverter.
The MOVITRAC® advanced standard inverter.

If you need a compact inverter that makes your work easier, but at the same time gives you openness with regard to control systems, our MOVITRAC® advanced standard inverter is the right choice.

Designed and developed as a compact all-rounder, the MOVITRAC® advanced can control and monitor both synchronous and asynchronous AC motors with or without encoders, as well as asynchronous motors with LSPM technology or synchronous and asynchronous linear motors. It has a wide power range from 0.25 to 315 kW and an overload capacity of 150%.

The MOVITRAC® advanced offers flexibilitythanks to its integrated communication interface which allows connection to commonly used control systems. It can be connected via PROFINET, EtherNet/IPTM, EtherCAT®/SBusPLUS, Modus TCP, EtherCAT® CiA402 or POWERLINK CiA402. You can also configure the functional safety with MOVITRAC® advanced – from the integrated safety function STO to higher-level safety functions and safe communication.

The MOVITRAC® advanced is ideal for conveying and motion applications such as conveyor belts, hoists or palletizers – a truly compact all-rounder.

The MOVITRAC® advanced is highly customizable

The compact MOVITRAC® advanced standard inverter can be adapted to the requirements of your application in many ways.

  • Technical data
  • Communication
  • Digital motor and data integration Digital motor and data integration
  • MOVIKIT® software modules
  • Functional safety
  • More options More options
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Technical data Nominal line voltage
1 × AC 200 – 240
3 × AC 200 – 240
3 × AC 380 – 500
Nominal power
0.25 – 315
Overload capacity 150%
Control mode

  • Synchronous and asynchronous AC motors with/without encoder
  • Asynchronous motors with LSPM technology
  • Synchronous and asynchronous linear motors

Communication interface

  • Integrated communication interface – choose between PROFINET, EtherCAT®/SBusPLUS, EtherCAT® CiA402, POWERLINK CiA402, Modbus TCP or EtherNet/IPTM

Functional safety

  • STO in PL-d in the basic unit
  • Configurable safety functions such as SBC, SDI or SLS
  • Safe communication configurable via PROFIsafe/PROFINET and FSoE (Fail Safe over EtherCAT®)

More options

  • Control modes: V/f, VFCPlus, ELSM®, CFC
  • Torque, speed or position control
  • Pluggable and scalable operator panels or MOVISUITE® engineering software for startup
  • MOVIKIT® software modules for easy startup
  • Portable memory module for simple device replacement

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  • Binary and analog inputs
  • EtherNET/IPTM
  • EtherCAT®/SBusPLUS
  • Modbus TCP
  • EtherCAT® CiA402
Digital motor and data integration
Digital motor and data integration
Digital motor and data integration

Single-cable technology for power supply and data transmission with digital encoder for synchronous and asynchronous motors

In fact, only one hybrid cable is required and installed here for the data connection between the inverter and the motor. And the MOVILINK® DDI digital data interface transfers the power, brake and diagnostic data to the motor.

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The "Drive" category includes MOVIKIT®software modules that are operated directly on the MOVITRAC® advanced standard inverter:

  • MOVIKIT® Positioning Drive: The MOVIKIT® Positioning Drive enables positioning applications with a permanently defined fieldbus interface.
  • MOVIKIT® RapidCreepPositioning Drive: The MOVIKIT® RapidCreepPositioning Drive is a software module for implementing classic "rapid/creep speed positioning" without motor encoder.
  • MOVIKIT® Velocity Drive: The MOVIKIT® Velocity Drive enables applications with velocity control and a permanently defined fieldbus interface

More about MOVIKIT® erfahren.

Functional safety overview

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Hardware MOVISAFE®
Safe inputs 4 4
Safe outputs 1
Safe stop function STO PL d STO PL d, SS1c STO PL d, SS1c, SS1b
Safe brake control SBC
Safe motion SLS, SSM
Safe direction of rotation SDI
Safe communication PROFISafe, FSoE PROFISafe, FSoE
Safe encoders EI7C-FS
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Operating panel of the MOVITRAC® advanced
Operating panel of the MOVITRAC® advanced
Operating panel of the MOVITRAC® advanced

Front modules

  • Keypads
  • Memory module
  • Diagnostic module

Line connection

  • Line filter
  • Line choke

Power connection

  • Output filter
  • Output choke

More options

  • Braking resistor

Your benefits

  • Save time

    thanks to the electronic nameplate as well as the use of preconfigured MOVIKIT® software modules.
  • We've kept it simple

    because the device replacement can be carried out in case of service without an engineering PC and all device data are stored on a portable memory module.
  • You keep your options open

    because the inverter can be connected to commonly used control systems and supports various fieldbus protocols.
  • You keep your flexibility

    thanks to the configurable functional safety – from the integrated safety function STO to higher-level safety functions.
Keen to find out more?
Keen to find out more?

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