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Your benefits

Save on installation space
through the short and compact mounting position of the industrial planetary gear units.

Reduce weight
by having a lightweight gear unit design.

Gain flexibility
through a wide range of additional equipment and option.

No additional cooling systems
due to the high thermal rating.

High torque, high thermal rating

If you need a compact, cost-effective solution with high thermal ratings, our planetary gear units of the P-X.e series are the right solution. These standardized, powerful industrial gear units combine planetary gear units of the P series with primary gear units of the proven X.e series of industrial gear units. As an added benefit, all the mounting options and optional features of the X series are also available for this solution.

To achieve the best possible thermal ratings, we take a holistic approach to surface cooling in the P-X.e gear unit: On the one hand, the cooling fins on the primary gear unit housing significantly increase the surface area of the gear unit. On the other hand, the radial fan in the motor adapter generates a strong air flow. This effectively cools the areas where the main heat is generated.

In addition, a special feature provides even more cooling in the P-X.e transmission. The cast-on intermediate flange on the primary gearbox connects the two gear units, creating a shared oil chamber. This ensures optimum oil circulation between the two gear units. In this way, excess residual heat is dissipated from the planetary gear unit by cooling oil.

The P-X.e series planetary gear unit thus combines all the advantages of two pioneering industrial gear unit concepts.

Compact, flexible and economical

Whether hollow shaft or solid shaft, with or without a key, smooth or spline according to DIN 5480, horizontal, vertical or angled mounting position. The planetary gear units of the P-X.e series as well as the gear units of the P series and Generation X.e offer you all possibilities to adapt to your application.

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  • Planetary gear units with bevel-helical primary gear units of the X.e series
  • High torque density for limited space 
  • Lightweight design 
  • High thermal rating 
  • A wide range of additional equipment and options

On request, we can offer you customized project solutions.

Gear unit typeStagesGear ratio
Nominal torque MN2
Bevel-helical planetary gear unit P..042 X.e – P..102 X.e4 stage159 – 548100 – 500

All applications that require mean output speeds and a high torque. For example:

  • Plate conveyor feeders
  • Chain conveyor 
  • Chipboard systems
  • Shredder 
  • Stacker 
  • and much more