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Your benefits

Individual adaptability
by mounting additional options and accessories to the gear unit.

Optimized mounting dimensions
because the gear unit housing is highest at the center.

Simple maintenance
due to a parting line that makes the housing easy to remove for servicing.

The M1..N series industrial gear units were developed especially for applications that require a small gear ratio range. This ensures that you are using the perfect helical gear unit for your application. This areas of application typical for this series are drive solutions that require foot-mounted helical gear units. You can use this gear unit for pump applications or rollers and refiners in the paper industry in particular.

As a leading industrial gear unit manufacturer, one of our main focal areas is engineering low-maintenance gear units for you. The M1..N series single-stage helical gear units are easy to remove because the steel housing is split horizontally. This means major savings on time and money in case you require service. We will also finish all of our gear units with special surface and corrosion protection as required. This allows you to use your gear units in extremely moist and/or chemically aggressive environments.

The single-stage helical gear unit for drive solutions with small gear ratios
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  • 12 sizes
  • Foot-mounted helical gear units
  • Oil heater available
  • Sealing system for harsh conditions
  • Cooling with fan or cooling coil optional
  • Rigid housing design for thermal efficiency and stability
  • Optional accessories available
Gear unit typeStagesGear ratio
Nominal torque MN2
Helical gear unit M1..N1-stage1 – 7.10.5 – 248

The low-maintenance M1 series helical gear units provide the optimum basis for many of our customized application solutions with small gear ratios. In the paper industry, helical gear units are used for:

  • Pump drives
  • Refiners
  • Hydroelectric power plants