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Your advantages

Precise drive selection
thanks to a wide gear ratio and torque range.

Maximum reliability
thanks to design using the latest calculation methods.

Support throughout the entire value creation process
thanks to complete documentation and tool support.

thanks to wide range of additional equipment and individual adaptability.

Shortest delivery times
thanks to the "to go program".

One standard product – numerous possibilities

For operators or original equipment manufacturers of machines and plants, it is crucial that the drives used there are robust, reliable and easy to maintain. The industrial gear units of the X..e series efficiently meet these requirements.

The intelligent, universal gear unit concept impresses with its fine size graduation, high installation variability and the large number of additional modular features and options such as motor adapters, backstop, various sealing and shaft systems, and many more. The wide ratio range of 6.3 - 450 and the robust design make the All-Rounder the right choice in many industries and applications. Whether crane, conveyor belt or mixer - with the X..e series and the industry know-how of SEW-EURODRIVE, you are opting for maximum availability and a reliable partner. And if our modular system does not have the right solution for you, we will customize our gear units for you.

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X.e goes one step further...

With the performance increase, Generation X.e expands the previous limits of industrial helical and bevel helical gear units, offering new possibilities in the areas of performance, safety and efficiency.

Contact form Worldwide locations Locations in Germany The modular Generation X.e system – benefits for you
  • 4 manufacturing and 13 assembly plants ensure global availability of the X..e series
  • Additional service centers ensure the service capability of the X..e series
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  • Short delivery times, even in the case of customized adaptations.
  • Even in the event of a plant shutdown, a replacement gearbox can be delivered in a short time.
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  • Thanks to the networked calculation landscape, each drive is simulated and calculated with the individually required drive data.
  • The intensive research and testing at SEW-EURODRIVE makes it possible to use the latest calculation models and calculation methods advantageously in series products at an early stage.
  • The DriveRadar® IoT Suite monitors the drive and automatically notifies in case of critical condition changes.
  • The system calculates the remaining service life of the bearings, gears and oil and predicts incipient damage at an early stage.
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  • Boosts gear unit performance
  • Reduces rolling and sliding friction
  • Improves efficiency and wear resistance
  • Eliminates the need for an initial oil change after 500 hours of operation
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You benefit from a perfectly coordinated overall package offering the best value for money, with SEW-EURODRIVE solving your drive task from start to finish. To provide this service, we collaborate with renowned manufacturers to expand our product portfolio.

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This is what makes Generation X.e unique:

Our decades of experience in the construction of large gear units have prompted us to selectively revise the X series.

See in this video which innovations make Generation X.e so unique. Learn how you benefit from the product optimizations and how the targeted modification of the product properties leads to a customized solution for them.

Generation X.e – efficient. experienced. excellent
  • Helical gear units and bevel-helical gear units 
  • Finely graduated torque and gear ratio range 
  • One-piece and split gear unit housings
  • Reversible gear unit housing
  • Universal mounting positions
  • A wide range of additional equipment and options
  • Individually adjustable 
Gear unit designStagesGear ratio iNominal torque MN2
Helical gear unit
X.F.100e – X.F.320e
2 to 4 stages6.3 – 4507.2 – 500
Bevel-helical gear unit
X.K.100e – X.K.320e
2 to 4 stages6.3 – 4507.2 – 500
Bevel-helical gear unit*
X.T.100e – X.T.250e
3 and 4 stages12.5 – 4507.2 – 185

*Drive shaft top or bottom

Our helical and bevel-helical gear units are used wherever reliably high torques are required. The modular design with many additional features and options allows the X..e series to be individually adapted to your application-specific requirements.

  • Conveyor belts
  • Hoists and travel units 
  • Agitators 
  • Crushers 
  • Extruder 
  • and much more
X3K..e/HT/B series application-specific industrial gear units for belt conveyors X3K..B series application-specific industrial gear units for bucket elevators X..e/HC series application-specific industrial gear units for crane hoists X../HM series application-specific industrial gear units for mixers Solution for belt conveyors Solution for bucket elevators Solution for crane hoists Solution for mixers
Want to avoid an initial oil change after 500 hours of operation? With our X.. series industrial gear units, you can save yourself the time and expense this involves.

We have established a closely monitored running-in and cleaning process during production. In conjunction with our SEW GearOil lubricants and their unique additives, this means we can provide you with a drive package tailored to your application that will not require an early oil change.

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