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Your benefits

Reliable package solution
thanks to perfectly compatible components and other options that can be combined for your specific application.

Compact housing
for all applications where a limited amount of space is available for the gear unit and other drive units.

Extended service life
thanks to the optimized sealing system for harsh operating conditions.

Compact and powerful with high torque: the right gear unit for your winch

Regardless of your winch operation requirements, or whether you need it for bucket wheel excavators, stackers, cranes, anchor systems or underwater infrastructure: Our X series industrial bevel gear and bevel-helical gear units and the XP series industrial planetary gear units provide the right torque for your application.

For example, in a bucket wheel excavator, the bucket wheel is mounted on an adjustable boom to adapt the machining height. This is raised and lowered by a hoisting winch drive. Large and volatile forces impact on the bucket wheel boom:

  • the boom's deadweight, including the bucket wheel, wheel drive, boom conveyor belt and potentially its drive system
  • the weight of the material in the bucket and on the boom conveyor belt
  • the bearing loads of the vertical part of the cutting forces, which the rotating bucket wheel exercises on the surface
  • the vibrations of the entire system

Winch drives also have to withstand considerable forces in anchor systems: loads of up to 275 tonnes and steel cables up to 1,500 meters long, with a diameter of over 60 mm are common.

Our industrial gear units provide the flexibility and durability that your winch drive needs under these kinds of extreme conditions. The high-torque, reliable and safe solutions with the X series industrial gear units and the XP series industrial planetary gear units ensure powerful and reliable motion. For large torques of up to 4,000 kNm you can also use a combination of our XP series industrial planetary gear units and X series bevel-helical gear units.

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  • XP series planetary gear units independently or in combination with X series helical gear units and bevel-helical gear units:
  • Torque up to 4,000 kNm
  • Gear ratio up to i = 500
  • Compact modular concept for various mounting positions
  • Efficient sealing system (taconite)
  • Steel breather
  • Reliable surface protection
  • Large selection of extended housing lengths
  • Regreasable labyrinth seal
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  • Cranes
  • Bucket wheel excavators
  • Forklift
  • Anchor systems
  • Other underwater infrastructure