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Robust from -35°C to +30°C
thanks to a cold and heat-resistant gear unit coating.

thanks to the specially reinforced gear unit bearings, which act as locating bearings and can bear the full load of the drum.

High power transmission
thanks to the large 630 kNm torque, which moves the spiral freezer powerfully at low speed.

Global application expertise
thanks to our many years of experience in implementing tried-and-tested drive solutions for various applications in a wide range of ind

Robust, powerful drive solution for high thermal and mechanical loads

From breakfast rolls and frozen pizza to meat, fish and even ice cream: spiral freezers allow delicious food to be frozen as quickly, evenly and with as little damage as possible. The regulations placed on the food and beverage industry are extremely strict. As such, the challenges facing the designers of the drive technology are incredibly demanding.

The coatings used must not be susceptible to damage in harsh conditions, the gear unit bearings must be reinforced and the food-grade oil used for the gear oil should be as easy as possible to change.

Last but not least, the large range of temperatures encountered in such systems also needs to be taken into account. During freezing, temperatures can drop to -35°C. In addition to this, the system components – and thus the drive technology – also need to be able to handle temperatures in excess of 30°C without any problem during cleaning.

Powerful planetary gear unit with primary gear unit – perfectly tailored to the food industry

Spiral freezers can vary in size and capacity depending on the products they are used for – and our powerful P-series planetary gear unit is the perfect choice for handling this range of differing requirements. The eleven sizes available in this product group cover a torque range from 25 to 630 kNm. The P-series comes into play wherever significant masses need to be moved at low speed.

With a helical-bevel gear unit in the preliminary stage, we have designed and optimized this drive package specially for this application. The reinforced gear unit bearings are also important. This provides a secure link between the output shaft and the frame of the conveying system. This also allows the industrial gear unit solution to act as a locating bearing, so it is even able to bear the entire load of the drum.

Another advantage is the shared oil chamber for the planetary and primary gear units. This means that you, the system operator, only need to change the food-grade oil at one point – simple and clean.

In order to help you fulfill the strict hygiene requirements for the food and beverage industry, our drives come with a special resistant coating – the perfect surface protection against the harsh ambient conditions and aggressive cleaning agents.

All of this plays an important part in ensuring that the sensitive foodstuff reach the end user's plate in a hygienically perfect, highly appetizing state.

Complete solution from a single source

In addition to the outstanding drive component features, users also benefit from the fact that we provide complete solutions from a single source: from initial planning and configuring to starting up and maintaining the industrial gear unit solution. Short delivery times, high product availability and great service network coverage also add to the benefits we offer our customers.

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P.. series planetary gearmotors:

  • Available in 11 sizes to match the size of the system
  • Can transmit a high torque of 25 to 650 kNm
  • Save space with their impressive compactness
  • Offer a high degree of torsional rigidity
  • Allow you to monitor oil temperature
Learn more about P-series industrial gear units

Standard helical-bevel gear units as primary gear units

  • Offer great versatility at the input end
  • Are available for a large range of gear ratios
Learn more about our K..-series standard helical-bevel gear units

For use in spiral freezers in the food and beverage industry for deep-freezing:

  • Bread
  • Pastries
  • Pizza
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Ice cream