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Your benefits

Compact housing
for applications where a limited amount of space is available for the gear unit and other drive units.

Reliable package solution
thanks to perfectly compatible components and additional options that can be combined for your specific application.

Extended service life
thanks to optimized sealing systems for dusty applications.

Flexibly combinable and extremely durable: Industrial gear units for slewing gears

Slewing gear drives are required in a range of applications and require a gear unit to provide rotation torque as well as retaining loads. This predominantly relates to cranes (tower cranes and slewing cranes), bucket wheel excavators and stackers. When rotating the bucket wheel boom, the bucket wheel excavator transmits the impact loads that arise directly to the gear unit.

Our industrial planetary gear units and our industrial bevel gear units and bevel-helical gear units are ideal for these kinds of applications. They have extremely robust and compact housing that is able to handle a slewing gear drive's harsh operating conditions.

Customizable drive solutions, all from one source

Our durable, powerful and flexible industrial gear unit solutions meet your requirements in every respect – the power rating as well as the installation. We provide all the important components of a slewing gear drive under one roof:

  • Motor and motor scoop
  • Brake between the motor and gear unit with torque limiter to prevent excessive loads
  • Protective covers
  • Primary gear unit (helical or bevel-helical)
  • Planetary gear unit with pinion shaft and extended housing at the output
  • Output pinion
Slewing gear drives for any power rating and mounting position

For larger machines, the slewing gear drive can be comprised of various gear units that impact on the same girth gear with internal or external teeth. We provide the right combination of gear units for every requirement:

Our P series industrial planetary gear units and the X series industrial bevel gear and bevel-helical gear units are adequate for smaller torques of up to 500 kNm. A combination of XP series industrial planetary gear units and X series industrial bevel-helical gear units provide larger torques of up to 4,000 kNm.

Slewing gear drives are generally shaft-mounted designs. This means that the gear unit is mounted on top and the pinion on the bottom. However, our drive solution is also available as a bottom-mounting version or "bottom-up" version – in this case the pinion is positioned on top. The lubrication, oil expansion tank and the seals are adapted to the mounting position.

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XP and P series planetary gear units in combination with X series helical gear units and bevel-helical gear units:

  • Torque up to 4,000 kNm
  • Gear ratio up to i = 500
  • Compact modular concept for various mounting positions
  • Efficient sealing system (taconite)
  • Steel breather
  • Reliable surface protection
  • Large selection of extended housing lengths
  • Regreasable labyrinth seal
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  • Cranes, such as tower cranes and slewing cranes
  • Bucket wheel excavators
  • Forklift