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Your benefits

Reliable solutions
thanks to perfectly compatible industrial gear units with additional components such as girth gears, pinions and bases.

Reliable application
thanks to the durable housing of the X.e series industrial gear unit, which provides maximum reliability in harsh environments.

Short delivery time
thanks to the segmented girth gear: production and delivery time is reduced due to the smaller components.

Resilient drive solutions for rotary kilns

The heated material in a rotary kiln is mixed by rotation. To create this movement, a single girth gear pinion drive is used, which is located in the cooler part of the kiln. The gear wheel is connected to an electric motor with variable speed via a gear train. A large starting torque is required to ensure that the kiln starts with a high offset load. The speed of the material flow through the rotary kiln is proportional to the speed. This requires a drive with variable speed to provide optimal control.

This means that a durable and reliable industrial gear unit is a key part of the drive unit. The X.e series industrial gear unit from our modular system is the perfect drive solution, even for extreme operating conditions. Together with a wide range of accessories and options, they reliably meet all your requirements – from brakes through to the base frame.

Complete solutions with segmented girth gears from SEW-EURODRIVE

Girth gears are used to drive these kinds of large, rotating systems. The segmented girth gear has bolted spring plates that are welded to the kiln's jacket. This allows the jacket to expand without distorting the girth gear.

We don't just supply the industrial gear units, we also provide complete drive packages together with segmented girth gears. We have developed a flexible concept specifically for these kinds of demanding applications: the girth gears are divided into several identical segments. This concept simplifies the manufacture, transport, installation and maintenance.

Basic gear units with drive pinions, a base, casing and many other options are supplied and installed on request. The pinion is mounted directly on the input shaft or in a separate position.

Drive solutions with girth gears require comprehensive advice. To ensure that you receive the best technology and the most efficient solution, we provide advice and support on all queries relating to your application. Our experts provide support from the initial consultation through to professional installation and startup.

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  • X.e series helical gear unit and bevel-helical gear unit
  • Robust gear unit housing
  • Lubrication system
  • Drive pinion and pedestal bearing, if required
  • Segmented girth gear with bolted spring plates
  • Girth gear manufactured from austempered ductile iron
  • Base frame

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