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Your benefits

High power transmission
thanks to the high torque of up to 4,000 kNm in a compact housing with robust technology.

Reliable package solution
thanks to perfectly compatible components and other options that can be combined for your specific application.

High operational reliability
even under harsh operating conditions, thanks to appropriate sealing systems, special breathers and reliable surface protection.

High operational reliability for roller press mills – for any load

Roller press mills are used in mining and in the mineral and cement industries under harsh conditions. They crush dry or wet material with grain sizes from 1 to over 75 mm. After the milling process, the material size can range to 0.04 mm. Roller press mills are also designed for a throughput of over 3,000 tonnes per hour.

The durability and reliability of the gear technology used and the high torques involved make our P series industrial planetary gear units and the XP series essential power packages for these applications. The high power density of the industrial planetary gear units also means that they have a very compact design. This allows for a variable and space-saving installation within the roller press mill drive package. Our industrial gear units for roller press mills are also extremely efficient: thanks to the crushing principle, roller press mills require less than half the energy of tube mills.

The ideal drive solution for your roller press mills consists of:

  • Electric motor with constant or variable speed
  • V-belt connection to the gear unit
  • Cardan shaft connection to the gear unit
  • Mechanical overload coupling to protect the gear unit
  • Planetary gear unit

As a leading manufacturer of industrial gear units, we supply all the components and options to fully meet even the most complex requirements - and guarantee a high level of operating reliability.

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  • XP and P series planetary gear units with primary helical gear unit
  • Various cooling systems
  • Regreasable labyrinth seal
  • PT100 oil bath temperature sensor
  • Oil drain valve
  • Oil sight glass
  • Optional breather valve
  • Reliable surface protection
  • Torque arm
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  • Mining industry
  • Mineral industry
  • Cement industry