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Your benefits

Space-saving housing
thanks to the compact design: this allows the industrial gear units and the other drive units to be used in even the tightest of spaces.

Reliable package solution
thanks to perfectly compatible components and other options for your specific application.

Extended service life
thanks to the efficient cooling system for various operation conditions.

Reliable and compact drive solutions for drum washers and dryers

A rotary drum washer's drum consists of round stainless steel rings, welded together at equal intervals using angle brackets for reinforcement. Drum washers are used in the paper industry to clean and compress pulp: the pulp, with a consistency of 4 – 6%, is pumped into the feed area where it is condensed to about 10 tonnes. The pulp is then washed at this consistency and drained via a vacuum in the condensation area. The density now rises to about 15%. An adjustable slider at the machine discharge controls the time for which the product remains in the drum washer. This achieves the desired result and ensures maximum performance.

We provide the ideal solution for the central drive system that rotates the drum washer or the drum dryer – the reliable and rapidly available P series and XP series industrial planetary gear units as well as the X series industrial bevel gear and bevel-helical gear units. Make sure that your drive system matches your operating conditions: from the gear unit through to the motor, coupling and other options, we provide all the components from a single source.

Maximum performance for drum dryers: with our industrial gear unit solutions

The drum dryer is an industrial dryer that consists of a large cylindrical rotary tube. This is normally positioned on concrete struts or steel girders. The drum dryer has been used to dry various goods for decades and is commonly found in the construction material, minerals and raw materials industries. Direct contact with a heated gas reduces the moisture content of the processed material. The gas may also burn within the rotary drum for extremely heat-resistant materials, such as quartz sand. Combustion chambers are used for more sensitive materials, such as limestone, clay, recycled plastics or organic waste. Drum dryers are designed for solids with a throughput of 5 to 150 t/h.

Our drive packages with industrial planetary and bevel gear drives help you ensure the correct and safe operation of your drum dryer. Our package solutions are particularly durable thanks to an effective cooling system – and always precisely aligned to your application's requirements thanks to our modular system.

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  • P series or XP series planetary gear units with bevel-helical gear units or with X series components
  • Torque arm
  • Hollow shaft with shrink disk in the planetary gear unit
  • Efficient cooling system
  • Input shaft coupling with cover
  • Output shaft coupling with X series cover
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  • Mining industry
  • Minerals industry
  • Cement industry
  • Raw materials industry
  • Food industry